Wednesday , January 20 2021

Residents of Kälyuba complain to the Minister of Health about the duration of waiting and collecting fees.

Residents of Kalubis complained about collecting money for analyzing the President’s initiative to eliminate the C virus in the range of 40 to 250 pounds, along with the length of the waiting period.

This happened in the context of the visit of the Minister of Health Dr. Hal Zayed to inspect a number of medical institutions in the province of Kalyubia, as well as to inspect the fever of Kalyub Hospital, who were entrusted with spreading the treatment of the C virus, 100 million health, accompanied by the governor of Kalubia.

Dr. Khala Zayed, the Minister of Health, confirmed that the hospital administration would be responsible for the crime and that the matter would be referred to the investigation. “Yes, Menfoh and each patient will pay Hisarda, and officials will be held accountable.

The Minister of Health and Population began touring in the province of Kalyubia to check a number of points of review of the President’s initiative to eliminate the C virus and identify non-communicable diseases under the slogan “100 million health” in the health department in the village of Kafr al-Gamal Batuk to provide medical services citizens to fully face.

She said that this tour is taking place as part of the field control of the presidential initiative as part of a series of field visits in the governorates of the first phase of the initiative, which began on October 1 in 9 provinces and will last until November 2018.

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