Friday , January 22 2021

Rania Yousef in a photo session with the same look at Cairo Film

Rani Yousef gave an interview to photographer Mahmoud Ashur during the Cairo Film Festival, named after Michael Jackson.

Rania appeared at the opening of the 40th edition of the Cairo Film Festival in a black suit and hat and caused a sensation in the media because of its bold appearance.

On the other hand, “Rania” is preparing to complete its film “The Hornet's Nest”, where she has only two days left, and the working events are about three girls who perform the national mission of the state within the dramatic framework and face Rana Yusef the time of events, and the artist Majdi Kamel, personifying the role of heroism in front of her in the events of the film, to show some personalities in the state.

The film "Hornet & # 39; s Nest" starring Rania Youssef, Magdi Kamel, Ahmed Salameh and Sarah Salameh, Hamdi Youssef. The film tells about the return of director Adel Al-Asar to the silver screen after his concern about television drama.

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