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Now … a list of all the new Nilesat 2021 frequencies and tuning steps.

List All Nilesat frequencies 2021 The new channel, which Al-Dustur newspaper monitors for this report, is receiving a lot of attention at the beginning of each year due to changes in the large number of frequency subscriptions and the need to download new frequencies to continue tracking channels on Nilesat and other satellites.

Steps to set the new Nilesat 2021 frequency

– The menu or menu must be opened from the receiver’s remote control.

After that select Options.

– Open the installation or installation page.

– Proceed then to manual installation or manual installation.

The Nilesat-Arabsat satellite must be selected in the Sat menu.

Next, you need to record a new frequency.

-Choose vertical V or H-horizontal, after that the encoding rate should be set to 27500, and then click OK, finally need to save.

All new Nilesat frequencies 2021

In the following lines, we track the most famous channels that have changed since 2021:

New frequency of CBC channel 2021

– Coding rate: 27500, by frequency: 11785

Satellite: “Nilesat”, Polarization: V vertical.

As for the error correction ratio: 3/4

Cbc frequency +2 channels

– Coding rate: 27500, by frequency: 11488

Satellite: Nilesat “Nilesat”, Error Correction Ratio: 34

Polarization: H horizontal.

Also on the receiver its name is written: cbc drama + 2

CBC channel frequency cbc sofra

– Coding rate: 27500, frequency: 11390

– Satellite: Nile satellite, polarization: H – horizontal.

– Error correction factor on Nilesat: 3/4

Additional channel frequency cbc

Channel cbc extra is on satellite: Nilesat

– Frequency: 11390

– Encoding rate: 27500

Polarization: H horizontal.

Error Correction Ratio: 3/4

New dmc channel frequency

-11449 horizontal

Error Correction Ratio: 5/6

– Encoding rate: 27500

New CBC frequency

– New frequency: 11,785 vertical

– Encoding rate: 27500

The frequency of the new channel of life

-12207 vertical

New frequency of Al-Nahar channel 2021

Frequency: 11785 V.

Error Correction Factor 5/6 and Polarization Code Rate 27500

Channel ON frequency

-10853 Horizontal H.

It is noteworthy that the changes occurring in the download frequencies of satellite channels are due to several factors, the most important of which is the natural deviation of the satellite’s trajectory, whether it is Nilesat, Arabsat or some others, and there is no need to worry about this frequency change.

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