Monday , January 25 2021

Laila Alavi finishes her scenes in The Secret History of Kautar

Leyla Alawi, who filmed her scenes in the film The Secret History of Kautara, starring Zina, Mohsen Mohiddin, Firas Said, Ahmed Hatem and director and director Mohammed Amin.

“I can say that the role is different and new, and I look forward to finding out the views and reactions of the public to the film,” says artist Leyla Alavi. "I hope everyone will be impressed."

The paper discusses some important social problems that have arisen on the site in recent years and have not been resolved as of the date of the presentation in theaters.

The film “The Secret History of Kawthar” is the last work after the screening “Water, Green and a Good Face” with director Yusri Nasrallah.

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