Friday , January 22 2021

Housewife torments her husband's son to death in Dakalia

The child died of injuries after his father’s wife beat him and tortured him in a village in Talha.

Major General Mohammad Haji, director of security of Dakalia, received notice that an appeal to the Talhaha police station from Talchah Hospital was received upon the arrival of 5-year-old Mohammed Mohammed with bruises and died after his arrival.

The security forces moved to the place of the complaint and asked their uncle, “Abdelkader A.S.”, a 38-year-old worker who accused his father’s wife, “MLA”, 34 years old, when he attacked his brother’s son.

When asked about the brother of the deceased child Ibrahim, who is 16 years old, he decided that he saw his brother crying. In the event of vomiting, the procedure was cleared and the prosecutor was acquitted. The accused was released and the accused was given a four-day period of detention pending an investigation.

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