Sunday , January 17 2021

Gadban chose the best governor of the Arab world in “government prowess.”

Port Said – Mr. Rizk

Sources in Port Said governorate confirmed that the governorate issued a statement confirming that Major General Adel Gadhban, the governor, received the Arab Government’s Excellence Award and was selected as the best governor of the Arab world.

The award aims to highlight and shed light on the most important achievements and competencies of governments in the Arab world in recognition of their efforts to improve the services provided to the population.

It sheds light on successful governance experiences in the Arab world, highlights the competence of Arab governments, and fosters positive leadership thinking to achieve institutional leadership in public sectors.

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The award includes 15 categories, divided into two main categories: individuals and institutions. Individual awards include the categories of Best Arab Minister, Best Arab Governor, Best Director General of an Arab Authority or Institution, Best Municipal Director in Arab Cities, Best Arab Civil Servant, and Best Arab Civil Servant.

It was launched by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in the League of Arab States in cooperation with the government of the United Arab Emirates.

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