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Fairuz .. Moon neighbor (special file for Lady Tarab’s birthday and singing ambassador)

"Remember the last time you felt? ". Whenever the voice of her voice, which did not find time, is overwhelmed every morning or evening, the listeners are filled with an exciting emotional state, during which music and music fly in the sky: “There are many singers .. But what’s in Hadas al-Sabah al -Sahha, which offers all the colors of songs, poems, sketches, plays and sketches, and attracted the voice of lovers from all Arab countries and from different generations,

She sang for “Tishrin”, “Fairuz”, born on November 21, 1935, her songs love to sing the months of “April” and the passage of life and homeland and dreams, love of nature and seasons to move us to another world, “Iga summer and your magic "," Habibi Ndhali Chalet Rahh "and" Beunak Rabi "in her song" I am Habibi "," Bakr Betty at least from the stories of the wounded "in the" books of your name ", Fayruz Mshavar, full of tender, and to her birthday Nhdi Lebanese lady of this case, "flower gardens" and "neighbor of the moon" and "our ambassador in the stars",

"Nihad Haddad "The daughter of 14 star songs Asmakhan and Laila Murad. And Taiwade improved the verses of the Quran

Nihad Haddad (known as Fairuz) was born on Mount Arz in Lebanon on November 21, 1935 to the parents of Vadig Haddad and Lisa Al Bustani. She grew up in the Zakkat Al-Balat district of Beirut, where her father worked in a small print shop. Even her father had to transfer her to secondary school during World War II, and from childhood she loved to sing the songs of Asmakhan and Lily Murad. At the age of 14, her talent discovered the composer and songwriter Mohamed Fleiffel, one of the founders of the National Conservatory in Beirut, who was looking for talent for the choir he created. He played a key role in the adoption of the institute, where she spent five years of study. His observation led her to perfect the verses of the Quran.,

Nihad began his career as a member of the Lebanese radio group. In individual work experiments, she decided to sing "Maval" and "I. Zahra in Heili. The composer and music official on the radio station Halim Al-Romy noted her unique voice and talent. As he noted, changing its name to Fairuz, because his voice was a rare and precious turquoise stone, and from here began the name of his fame, which was accompanied by a voice angels in the sky of arabic singing, where I found enthusiastic and excellent interaction of Lebanese listeners,

After her success with the brothers Assi and Mansur Rahbani, Feyruz met the music and presented talent through his melodies and lyrics, and, despite their success, their collaboration with Fairouz was successful. In the summer of 1957, Fairuz first gave a presentation for the first time after its work was limited to recordings. She performed a musical called “Harvest Days” in front of a crowd in the archaeological temple of Jabtar in Baalbek. Her first appearance at the International Festival in Baalbek was honored by the then Lebanese President Fourteen years later, the Lebanese government issued a stamp of its name, and Fairuz became one of the main attractions of the International Festival Baalbek. Every year she performed musical pieces written by the Rahban brothers especially for her. I have reached 15 plays, including “Bayaa a For the Rings and Roma Mace, as well as the days of Fakhruddin, Challah and the King".

Glory Fairuza surpassed the Arab world to reach Europe and America and brought together many composers and poets competing for works. They collaborated with Filmmon Wahbi, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Elias Rahbani, Mohamed Mohsen and Zaki Nassif, which contained more than 800 songs, And three films and 400 albums for three decades. Fairuzu was also invited to perform in various Arab capitals and give concerts in New York, San Francisco, Montreal, London and Paris. In 1963, she received the Medal of Honor and the gold medal in 1975 of King Hussein, and was nominated for the French merit of charity by François Mitterrand, the last appearance on stage in January 2011 in the play “WAKE".

In her last performance on social networking sites, Ray Rahbani, daughter of Fairouz, broadcast a video showing Fayrouz on her last show, despite her absence from attention for years, showing her mother in a private studio,

The sudden appearance of Fairuz inspired her fans, especially since she seemed to be able to sing. RIM released an album for his mother, which did not resonate very well. Last year she gave her the title “Babali”, the 99th album in her career.,

Years of Alienation with Ziad Rahbani

Artist Ziad Rahbani with artist mother Fairuz

"Very soon, Bacon returned to his place. ”These words were announced by Ziad Rahbani, the return of his relationship with the mother of the great artist Fairuz and the resumption of communication between them and several months ago after a break for many years, during which the relations between Feluz and Ziad fell on human and professional level, Fayrouz is supervised by her daughter “Reem”, who angered “Ziad” – according to close friends, especially since “Fayrouz” is no longer “Ziad” and will advise him on what he suggested, Lbc Ziad Al-Rahbani, the news of his return, to renew relations with his mother, to raise a roar among the Lebanese public, especially with the announcement of the introduction of two new works,

“Rahbani” during his statements continued daily “Fayruz” and said “uncle to drive things and returned to go through the situation .. very soon Bacon everything returned to its place".

He continued: “Uncle tried a story about bees with my sister, because my sister worked for Fairuz for a lie or lack of knowledge, was not very successful, and my mother even asked me, my opinion, I told me, and we returned to see some and asked me my opinion".

Ziad soon announced the creation of a ceremony for Feyruz and added: "Give me a little every day, and if God wants, it will be a good year when we will have a party." And “Ziad” is the son of the closest one to “Fairuz”, where he gave birth after 4 children, but remained closest to him, who composed and has a lot of work since he was 17 years old when he composed his uncle Mansur Rahbani’s words “Ask People for Me”, “Bost” and “Your love, forgetting about the dream” and “Kaddish was the people”, and was the last collaboration for them 8 years ago when they presented the album “Hope".

Voice of the motherland "God gives the country"


In its voice, Hamas raises the courage of young people, throws men and encourages women to stand up for their country and resist what they are exposed to. Fairuz is almost a great singer who did not mention presidents and kings in her songs, which made her at a distance from most political trends. Moreover, to the extent that she refused to sing to Algerian President Houari Boumediene and prevented her songs from being broadcast for seven months, Fairuz was influenced by the Lebanese war on both an artistic and a human level. Her house was bombed, her daughter was lost, she stopped singing, She returned to be baptized in churches War-damaged. Along with her songs for Lebanon and Egypt, Fairuz sang "Zahra El Madain" for Jerusalem, which she recorded after the failure of June, and sang "How long is your Lord" two years ago.,

24 Year with Assi Rahbani “Love and separation"

Fairuz with husband Asi Rahbani

"No one watches the beauty of tearful tears. ” Fairuz summarized his vision of her husband, Asi Rahbani, and his sensual feelings, which made him present the best melodies in the voice of Fairuz, whom he married in July 1954 in the presence of a crowd of his fans and friends. Anthelia in Beirut, and their home inspired them in many of the songs they performed. In one of his rare interviews with the press, Fairuz talked about his husband Asi after their separation in order to tell for the first time about a bright artist, but about the husband of a dictator who does not want another opinion to contradict his opinion. Asi was fascinated with the details and control of Fayruz, and those restrictions and control measures, according to those close to them, were divided in 1978, which caused damage to the parties, or, as I spoke to him about “the absence of my feelings”, and felt everything that I He carried with him, and all the richest Bmtar are sure that Bacon exists, exists, but a rich person exists, and Pfcr means that I do the work of Isaiah, which he likes. Fairuz stood to sing the song “Sallouni El Nas” according to Mansur El Rahbani and was compiled by her son Ziad, who first laid the condition for Asi’s illness and his absence from doing work for her to tear her eyes when she first sings Mabnkoun Sawa, Surrounding the fact that he was saddened by their separation and illness, she said in a dialogue: “Asi is Ellie, and after what was.. Marriage Fairuza and Asi lasted 24 years, and as a result they separated their cooperation with the Rahbani brothers,

I promised a ceremony in Egypt "It is haram to forget us at all"


In 1955, Fairuz first went with his husband Assi Rahbani to Egypt and released a song called “Regain”. At that time, Cairo was considered the Hollywood of the East and the capital of art in the Arab world in various fields. But at that time, she was waiting for her first child, Ziyad, to return to Lebanon,

Fairuz visited Egypt and worked in it, and Fairuz sang to Egypt a number of happy songs, including the Shatt Alexandria, Ahly Ahly for Egypt, and the poem “Egypt is your sun” composed by the Rahban brothers, Beautiful Egypt. She also sang the tunes of musician Sayed Darwish and Mohammed Abdel Wahab, who refused to present his song “Zai al-Qandil” in a funny incident, although her words were written by Mansur Rahbani, but she objected to the song in which her singer on a long empty street Filled mist, and in the case of a woman who will look like a “night girl”, in her opinion, presented by Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez,

From time to time news and rumors about the creation of Fairouz for a concert in Egypt spread to the dream among a wide audience and lovers. Her daughter, RIM, denies her official report of the ceremony in Egypt and confirms that neither side,

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