Saturday , January 23 2021

“Art Window”, “Our Sweet Movies” and “The Concert” will be shown next week on “TeN”,

Tebn, Our Sweet Movies and The Concert will be shown next week at TeN. We will send you new visitors today through our news site and start with the main news: Art Window, Our Sweet Movies. and "The Concert" will be shown next week, "TEN".

TeN TV will launch a wide range of youth technical programs starting on Thursday (November 22). The program "Window of Windows" is scheduled to begin on Thursday (November 22) at 22:30.

"Art Window" in collaboration with the German Institute. Goethe offers stunning performances by a group of creative artists from about 18 Egyptian governorates selected by an independent jury of the Goethe Institute.

On Friday, November 23, 3 weekly programs will begin immediately. TeN Since’s weekly program will begin at 3:30 pm for students from the natural sciences and applied sciences. The program will offer a rich meal for students and researchers.

At 8 pm, the Shuhaha weekly program will be launched, launched by a group of young people between the UAE and Egypt for lovers of various products and foods. The program offers the most important function and service for young people and families of lovers of the unique food industry in a simple way, since the program is removed and edited using a mobile phone.

At 9 pm, the weekly program “Our Sweet Films”, which highlights the 13 most important films in the history of Egyptian cinema, begins within 13 weeks, which coincides with the opening of the International Film Festival in Cairo.

The concert program is followed by 9:30 pm, where a concert will be organized every week for one of the youth groups in support of the Lander Ground music in Sinai to create a region of waist tourism in the region in collaboration with the Deira (Nuweiba) camp.

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Next week we will present new “Art windows”, “Our sweet films” and “Concert” on “TEN”. Follow us on the social networking sites of our site to receive new news.

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