Wednesday , January 27 2021

An abandoned herb that heals forgetfulness and strengthens the heart, be sure to eat it

Lately, most people, both elderly and young people of all ages, have been complaining about forgetfulness problem for a number of reasons, so we unveil a forgotten herb that can be taken to treat heart problems and forgetfulness problems.

Sage herb

Sage strengthens and stimulates memory, prevents the depletion of acetylcholine, which is essential for proper brain function, and enhances neurochemicals that cause disease. Alzheimer’s disease

How to use

Take a tablespoon in a glass of boiled water three times a day.

The benefits of sage

For her part, Dr. Savsan Ghazal, a nutritional expert, has provided useful information on the benefits of sage on her personal Facebook page.

She said that the most notable benefits of consuming sage include:
1- Increase mental ability, fight Alzheimer’s disease, increase attention, improve mental processes, alertness, mental ability and thought process. And strengthen memory and enhance the work of the senses.
2- Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, parasitic and antifungal.
3- Promote heart health and lower cholesterol
4- Promotes Skin Health: Promotes collagen synthesis and helps maintain the integrity of skin, bones, teeth and gums.
5- Enhancing and strengthening the immune system and preventing certain types of cancer such as skin cancer.
6- Reducing pain and menstrual irregularities and reducing symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.
7. Some experts may associate sage with increasing female fertility and treating some fertility problems because it contains estrogenic compounds that act like the female hormone estrogen.
8. Possesses anti-aging properties, the secret of preserving youth and a natural remedy for cellulite.

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