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3 million pounds brought Shikabalu from the Ismailis

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LE 3 MILLION Shikabalah brings Ismaili closer to the Al-Masri Al-Yum site on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

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Zamalek player Mahmoud Abdellazek Chikabal is close to the Greek club Apollo, which is in last place in the Greek league with one point, to move into the Ismaili squad during the upcoming winter transfer period.

Ibrahim Osman, the head of the Ismaili club, called the player, asking him to return to the team, which was agreed upon by the player, especially since his team is in a difficult position in the table of the Greek League and wants to return to Cairo, and provided for approval by Shikabal officials of Zamalek, Ismaili the president said he has close relations with the White Castle Council and will complete the negotiations successfully in the coming days.

Al-Masri Al-Yum learned the details of a physical offer, which amounted to £ 3 million in one season, to become the second most expensive player on the team after Hosni Abed Rabbo.

While the technical staff rejected the offer received by Barikh Muhammedi, a player of the Austrian club Maverick, to join him in the upcoming period after the technical manager Jorvan Vieira survived all the key players before the end of the Champions League championship and returned to the team for participation In the next version after a long absence, and the technical staff of the African Championship pays great attention to achieving positive results, where he asked about the need to conclude a contract with 4 super-players, in cent defended the creator of games, midfield and attacks and decided to make technical changes to the list of the African team, including in accordance with the physical conditions at present, as well as his desire to motivate the player to optimize the fighting to achieve a new team history in the African Championship .

Technical staff gave the team a negative reprieve after a collision with military production yesterday as part of the 15th round of the Premier League. Technical staff asked players to forget the outcome of the match and focus on the games in the upcoming period.

Finally, we thank the visitors and followers of the Sharq Times website, and also promise to provide you with everything new and important from all reliable news sources. We transferred 3 million pounds to Shikabalu from the Ismailis. The source is responsible for the accuracy of the news.
Source: Egyptian today

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