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Weiss case. He was insulted when Hapal did not suit him. Will this end with a show?

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As the server describes, a few minutes after the end of the international league match, the Slovaks lost 0: 1 in the Czech Republic when Weiss disappeared. "I finished," he said.

Does this mean that the 28-year-old midfielder will no longer be part of the national team? His behavior suggests that emotions played an important role in this.

When the Slovaks were replaced during the match on Monday in Prague, Weiss, who was one of the rehearsing substitutes, left and violently left the pitch in the stadium.

Even the settings lacked about a quarter of a minute to complete. And when the teammates came to the cabin after the battle, he was already leaving. According to Slovak media in garages, he did not join the team bus, the organizers asked east of the stadium.

“I did not notice the match during the match, I coached the team. I did not know until I sat down in the cabin. I will try to solve it, ”said coach Pavel Hapal.

Weiss is a smart midfielder, perhaps the most difficult Slovakian footballer. The fifth year, however, he only enters the Qatar League, which has hurt his coaches.

“He's a great player, great. But the game has several stages. Vlado, unfortunately, plays in competitions in which he cannot physically prepare for such difficult games as against the Czech Republic. That's why we counted it in the second half with a lot of space. He did a lot of interesting things, ”said former coach Kozak after the October fight with the Czech Republic in Trnava (1: 2).

Slovak midfielder Vladimir Weiss rejoices after winning the championship ...

On the second day after the defeat, the coach resigned because seven of his accusations, including Weiss, violated his life.

Kozak's successor, Hapal, did not give a single minute to a player in the nightlife of Ukraine and the Czech Republic. In addition to the October training in Sweden, he had three fights on the bench.

“We know him, we know how he plays, but we decided on another option. We did not let him go, but this does not mean that he will not be further. I would not see the problem, – said Hapal.

Weiss, however, is concerned about the footballer. Two years ago, in Bratislava, at the call of the police, he refused to take a breath test and blood collection and spent the night in the remand prison. He was accused of being addicted to drugs. The court later rejected him at the hearing. At the moment, Weiss was dismissed from the representation.

In other cases, he angrily answered questions from journalists about his participation in Qatar. The last time in October after the match with the Czech Republic, he was among those who broke the internal rules of the team.

On the playing field it is always the best. Only in the October duel in Trnava, as an alternating player, did the game of Slovakia revive. Considering the course of the fight on Monday, he was also offered.

He made his debut at the age of nineteen, while his father Vladimir headed it. Since the summer of 2009, he has been in 65 international matches, giving up seven goals. The question is whether he will add further starts under Hapal.

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