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Two young men, according to the prosecution, defeated the famous baseball bat and machete. They face extreme punishment –

The men of his acquaintance, according to the accusation, defeated him on January 20 in the evening after he was tempted to a meeting on the pretext of buying a semi-trailer. Instead, the attacker arrived with another person. The cone, according to the file, hit the victim with a baseball bat in his head.

The wounded man shouted, trying to get into the car and leave, but the pair prevented him. Meanwhile, the victim's navigator left, still heard that he was not trying to tell anything, otherwise the rapist would find him. Therefore, according to the plaintiff, he did not inform the police.

Defendants Adam Kusel (right) and Tomas Pavlis in the regional court in Usti nad Labem.

Defendants Adam Kusel (right) and Tomas Pavlis in the regional court in Usti nad Labem.

PHOTO: Ondřej Hájek, CTK

Then they bind the accused victim and take the other person. The reason is that he owes him the money and the parts he gave him to fix the car. “He looked at him in the van and told him that he had done well and said that he was doing it,” said Kuzel tentatively.

Then he had to tell him to take him to a hospital or somewhere to get help. Instead, the accused, but the assailant and the bound young man, took him to Battozev in Zatec, where they attacked him again.

They lived with theft

“We fight with a baseball bat, everyone always had five to ten strikes,” said Cone. Then he said that Pavlis took the machete and asked the victim if he would say anything. When he shouted, yes, he should cut him off. But Pavlis saw it in reverse order in his testimony before the regiment. It is said that Macek had a cone. “He went to the machete because he screamed, so he cut it,” said Pavlis.

The victim received a number of serious injuries and succumbed to them. The two men dragged their bodies further into the forest, where they buried him with leaves. Then they dressed and washed the van.

Later, the cone recognized the act as an act. He just said that Pavlis told him. “I was afraid of the health and the health of my partner,” he said.

Both defendants did not work properly and, in particular, fed thefts. Cone was prosecuted for property crimes, but the prosecution was terminated for purposelessness.

The parents of the victim demand each refund of 800 thousand crowns, 200 thousand have already been received by the Ministry of Justice. A victim sacrifice requires a million crowns. Negotiations will continue on Friday to hear the witnesses.

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