Tuesday , January 19 2021

The driver, who was caught after a collision of a BMW with a pedestrian in Brno, had two promises, and he was armed – News.cz

The driver was detained near the place where the car he used was burned. He refused a drug test and eventually ended up in a police cell. Police said they had weapons, even if they had no weapons. In addition, the weapon was not registered.

Now the police are asking the public for help in clarifying this matter. The results of the investigation show that the pedestrian crossed the busy road in Obzhany outside the intersection.

BMW filmed in Brno

BMW filmed in Brno

PHOTO: Police of the Czech Republic

“To clarify this matter, we need information about witnesses or camera recordings from vehicles or security systems to move a damaged BMW 530 car. At the same time, we need to check whether the driver was driving alone or other people were driving with him” – said police spokesman Bohumil Malasek.

He clarified that the driver, after the accident, went from Brno to the neighboring Adam, from where he went to Utehov. He was arrested after firefighters went to this area of ​​the city to dismantle the car fire and found out that it was a car, after which the police searched. [celá zpráva]

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