Sunday , January 24 2021

Regulation of the technology sector is inevitable according to Apple

Regulation of the technology sector is inevitable, since the private market cannot afford a private user. In an interview with Axios, general manager of American technology company Apple Tim Cook said.

“Actually, I'm not a big fan of regulation,” Cook said in an interview that was cowardly on Sunday and quoted by the Financial Times (FT). "I am a large part of the free market, but we need to know when the free market is not working, and it is not working here," he added.

Cook welcomed in June the new European Union privacy policy, abbreviated to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDP). He urged the rest of the country to follow the EU. He warned the company to use personal data as a weapon for profit.

New EU privacy rules came into force in May this year. GDPR helps me fight for the first time against the abuse of my personal data. Tk with government agencies and companies that need to pay their personal clients and employees. Pin is the first to get personal data from marketing databases. Companies without a client’s consent cannot even track their reproduction on the Internet or sell and provide dl data.

“It depends on the rest of the world (including the European Union), including the land,” he told Cook. “We at Appla fully support a comprehensive federal privacy law in the United States,” he added. “The user needs to know how the data and elements are designed to be assembled,” he said.

Cook, two of whom criticized Facebook after the first analysis of Cambridge Analytica, collected information on millions of users on this social network and used them, among other things, to develop software tools to support Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The New York Times reported last week about the dubious methods that Facebook tried to focus on critics and competitors. Facebook, according to the article, hired Defender, a brokerage agency that released a commercial, in addition to Apple's kiss as “disgusting business practices,” and called Facebook as a hypocrite for criticism. Facebook is gentle ash, he would pay the Defender for such a better man and make a contract, FT.

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