Friday , January 22 2021

Knechtova (37), returning to Borkovets (18), receives a child: I will be a mother!

On Instagram, the sexy Slovak boasts a picture of a relatively large pregnant belly. But not her. The photo strokes the belly of another woman, which she kisses on her face. "Yes, we look like a lesbian expecting a child." Knecht said,

But then, amused, she added that everything was a little different than it was. Scion is waiting for her sister. "But in fact, I also expect one of the most important women in my life," brunette assumes that she is very pleased with the addition to the family.

"I will be a mom", – She said. "Mummy", she added the Slovak language and showed that when her niece or nephew was born, she would become his godfather. If something happened to her sister, then Knecht should have taken care of the child.

It seems that she has no plans to create her own family, although her sister may be inspiring. It is difficult to say how young Borkovets would look like the children she fascinated during the SuperStar jury, where she competed and fought before the final. Some time ago they broke up, but they found a way back, and they were like two turtles lately.

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Magazine Magazine on sale on Friday!

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