Saturday , January 16 2021

Hyundai shares fell to nine years in the US –

The study was reported by Reuters, citing a source familiar with the situation and the documents received. Hyundai and Kia in the United States named about 1.7 million cars between 2015 and 2017 due to engine failure, which increases the risk of an accident.

According to an Agency source, it is not yet clear whether the investigation into the ways and effectiveness of calling these cars would lead to accusations of car drivers. In the case of fees Hyundai and Kia may face high fines, writes Reuters. It also mentions the ability to download more cars.

The Prosecutor’s Office is working with the US Department of Road Safety (NHTSA). The Ministry of Justice did not want to comment on whether the investigation is continuing or not.

CNBC recalls that the US previously investigated and imposed severe fines on Toyota or Volkswagen. In 2017, a US court rejected charges against Toyota after the automaker paid a settlement of $ 1.2 billion. US ($ 27.3 billion. USA) and admitted that he did not inform the public about the sudden sudden acceleration of their cars.

Fifth largest in the world

“During the investigation in the US, there are a number of uncertainties. If the charges are filed, it will not only lead to fines, but also damage the image and sales, ”said analyst Angela Hun from Nomura.

Falling stocks and investor concerns also contributed to a sharp drop in car sales in China in the first half of November.

Hyundai is the largest automaker in South Korea and, together with its subsidiary Kia, is the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world. In November 2008, Hyundai officially launched mass production of passenger cars in Nošovice in Frydek-Mistek.

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