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From Bilovice, a horse-drawn carriage with a tree in the square in Brno began

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Brno – from Bilovice nad Svitavo to Brno, today a horse-drawn carriage looms on Freedom Square to Brno, almost a 15-meter high Christmas tree. Unconventional transport takes place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Foreman, or trainer Tomasz Stüter CTK, said that the tree should be in the square before 16:00. Horses will travel 15 kilometers, an average of five kilometers per hour.

The stroller with spruce fir left the White House after the Czech anthem. Two Dutch cold-blooded people named Natasha and the Baron dragged the stroller. “This is a difficult task and a big problem, and no one has done this for a long time, it’s on an original horse machine that we had to stretch on a ten-meter surface,” said Sutera.

The tree is less than 15 meters from the hotel. According to Sateyri, on Friday a carving took place in the wagons using a crane and a car with a handle that loaded the tree into the wagon. “We had to tie him up so that we could not reach him on the ground, until 4:00 pm we have time to move the tree to Freedom Square, and there is also time left,” added Shooter.

The path from the forest to Velká Klajdovka, along the streets Jedovnická, Líšeňská, Olomoucká, Křenová, Nádraží and Masaryk to Freedom Square. Before the horses and behind them will be a police escort.

The city's Christmas tree is annually donated to the Masaryk Forest Křtiny School Forestry Company, which falls under the University of Mendel in Brno. The initially selected dishes were huge, but because of its deforestation, it had to be replaced with spruce spruce, which was on the square in Brno last year. Spruce 14.5 meters in height and 40 years.

The tradition of the Christmas tree of the republic began in the White House. It was founded by the journalist and writer of Brno, Rudolf Tesnochleidek. Having found a deserted girl in a forest near Bilovice nad Svitavou, he was thinking how to help children in this situation. He found inspiration in Copenhagen, where he organized a collection for poor children under a richly decorated tree. The tree of the Republic was first lit in Brno in 1924, and the proceeds from the collection allowed the construction of the Dagmar orphanage. Even then, a tree appeared from the White Field.


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