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Expert: For antibiotic resistance, 500 people die annually

update: 11/20/2018 5:27 pm

According to experts, about 90 people die each year due to infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to a survey of pharmacies, from one to half of doctors-antibiotics in hospitals are poorly prescribed, some of them are abused. Information today was heard at a press conference on the European Week of Antibiotics. Czechs consume about 15 million packs of antibiotics per year.

“Data from the State Institute for Drug Control show that doctors too often choose broad-spectrum antibiotics, patients are unreasonably exposed to adverse effects, and resistance to antibiotics is increasing,” said Michal Prokesch from the Central Coordination Group on Combating Antibiotics. According to experts, doctors, unlike some other countries, do not have feedback if they prescribe antibiotics correctly.

The main problem is the resistance to bacteria antibiotics for treatment in hospitals. According to the head of the National Reference Laboratory for Antibiotics, Elena Zhemlichkova, up to three-quarters of the bacteria in medical hospitals are resistant. Over the past ten years, the number of these infections has almost doubled. According to estimates by Prokma, 486 people died in the Czech Republic in 2005 due to these infections.

According to Mikhail Troyanek from the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, currently, from 20 to 50 percent of antibiotics in hospitals are poorly prescribed. “The main problem is that doctors do not view antibiotics as important drugs,” he said. It differs depending on its effect on living microorganisms, which are extremely dynamic. If antibiotics kill only some bacteria, only those with resistant genes will continue to spread.

According to a survey of the Czech Pharmacy Chamber, which is serving on the ninth week of the European antibiotic week, more than 11 percent of adults do not take antibiotics for a fixed period, and almost one in ten holds unused antibiotics for potential needs. A fifth of parents believe that antibiotics in children accelerate recovery from a cold, and almost a quarter thinks that a doctor’s treatment is inadequate if they do not prescribe medications for the common cold, but only regimens are recommended.




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