Monday , January 18 2021

Betka Stankova from the story: Unpleasant injuries in the theater!

Shortly before the premiere of the musical “Trak”, the actress stretched her inner thigh muscle, and her participation on the stage was threatened. "I suffered from pain, helped in rehabilitation, and everything is fine," recognized by Betke, who is Elizabeth Veverka’s teacher in a humorous performance full of famous songs.

The role played by Hana Zagorov in the same film (72), alternating with the model of Iva Kubelkova (41). Both ladies should finally show their legs in full beauty, as wedding dresses are torn in the final scene.

Staňkova but this is not the only star of Tric that has been inconvenienced. “Although we had several injuries at Trike during testing and play, our role is to“ pay God, ”so they avoid it,” the actress, known from the series “Rebels” or “Stories and Ports”, in which she played partner Martin Zunar (51).

It seems that Sandra Weather's tooth came out during a performance (43), Jaromir Nosek (40) again wounded a finger and Martin Deidar (53) suffered from ugly bruises. Two weeks ago, one of the backgrounds suddenly fell, and viewers who did not know the performances wondered if this was really part of the story.

VIDEO: Alzhbet Stankova: I will not go with Zunar! Why don't I have a friend?

Elizabeth Stank: I will not go with Zunar! Why don't I have a friend? Marketa Reinishova, Lukasz Cerveny

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