Tuesday , January 26 2021

Berousek et al. accused of unlawful killing of tigers, threatening to face up to five years

In the case of the unlawful killing of tigers and the sale of parts of their organs, the prosecutor Michael Hasto filed an indictment to the district court in Ceska Lipa. In this case, there are three statements, including the 70-year-old zoo operator in Prague and the Doks in Cheskolipsko, Ludwik Berusk. Previously, he refused statements.

“The charge was filed against all three defendants,” said Dostal. Unauthorized treatment of protected animals for all three threatens imprisonment for five years in prison, 35-year-old Miloš Grozinek, 35, is being prosecuted. Another sixty-five-year-old man of Vietnamese origin is accused in the case, who, according to police, organized criminal activities and sold finished products processed from the bodies of tigers, including the Prague Sapa market.

The prosecution, according to Dostal, was filed to the extent that the police reported this in July. Police then said the trio are being prosecuted for the three killed tigers. According to the police, Beruusek and the creator of the tiger's body delivered animals to Masok or, for example, tiger wine. Vietnamese products that are very demanding in their community and, therefore, cheaper, have been taken away. Asians believe in the extraordinary healing effects of drugs not only from tigers, but also from other endangered animals, such as rhinos. They say that the skin of a tiger is sold from fifty to one hundred thousand crowns, claws for 2500 and grams of masox for 1500 crowns.

A cop found a dead police tiger who shot in the eyes and neck so that the bullet would not break his valuable skin. The police also visited four skins, tiger claws and other tiger products, including a mask and tiger wine. She also found a set of kitchen utensils and molds used to make traditional Asian medicine products from parts of tiger organs and provided more than 1.8 million CZK in cash.

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