Sunday , January 17 2021

Babish: Government wants Dukovan to build CEZ subsidiary | energy

Valech The construction of the new unit at the Dukovka NPP should, according to Prime Minister Andrei Babish (ELN), be provided with a subsidiary of ČEZ, which manages the power plant. According to the Prime Minister, the state is ready to support investments, guaranteeing them second place in the rating. CEZ says it opposes minority shareholders.

CEZ shares on the Prague Stock Exchange for the first time received a drop to 553 kronor Morning trading began at 555 kronor per share.

“We are convinced that the investments are effective and useful,” said Babis at a seminar on the Dukovany power plant in Valck, Trebic. He said that it was not true that the government was considering extending the life of the current Dukovan blocks. “We want to analyze all the possibilities. But we clearly said that the government wants CEZ to build a new unit in Dukovany, ”said the Prime Minister.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Marta Novakova (for ELN) at the end of August said that the financial model of building a new internal nuclear unit should be decided before the end of this year. By the end of October, Babish told about the possible extension of Dukovan’s life for ten years.

“Minority shareholders have already clearly demonstrated their inability to build nuclear power plants,” said CEZ spokesperson Ladislav Křizh. He said that this is a long-term strategic investment, but from a short-term point of view, its profitability is questionable. A possible lawsuit is likely to block construction for decades. “There is no simple solution in this direction,” said Cross.

CEZ is the largest Czech energy company. The majority shareholder is the state that owns 70 percent of the shares through the Treasury. The Dukovany nuclear power plant with a total installed capacity of 2,040 megawatts covers one fifth of the electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.

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