Tuesday , January 19 2021

What is known and what is not about the San Juan de Uraba massacre

A peasant from Sina, two kilometers from the urban area of ​​San Juan de Urabá, discovered an eerie scene at dawn on Wednesday: at the entrance to the farm of Maria Osihiolado lay the body of 18-year-old David Quintero Orozco.

Alarmed, the man entered the farm to warn other residents of the house, but he found everyone killed in the house.

Eddie Paternina, a spokesman for San Juan, explained that Eduardo Navas Ballesteros, 78, and the farm administrator, was killed in the house; Marta Hernandez Lopez, 50, and in charge of the care of Eduardo; and Camilo, 10 years old, grandson of a lady.

“Everyone lived in a house with the owner, who was in Turbo last night because she went on a medical date. They were famous peasants of all life in the city, ”said the spokesman.

The news was known at 6:00 in the morning. but the facts, according to the first investigations, occurred between 8:00 pm. and 9:00 from last Tuesday.

The panorama, which was frozen in several photographs submitted by witnesses, shows the cruelty of the facts: Eduardo was killed while he was sitting in a plastic chair on the farm, wearing only underwear. Very close to him and lying on the floor of Martha, who was already in her pajamas. Camilo, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, was killed in one of the rooms.

All the victims had one common element: they were attacked.

Colonel Gerson Fajardo, the commander of the police of Urab, showed that crime they were done using machetes. And although he said that there are no clear hypotheses about the perpetrators, he suggested that this could be a crime among famous people, and not an act related to criminal groups.

"This year we did not have a massacre in Urab (…) This is the case of the knife, and we control it, maybe it's a matter of revenge, inheritance, or land. We are promoting the investigation, and we will provide information later, ”said the colonel.

In the area where the massacre took place, the authorities revealed the criminal behavior of the Sulei Guerra subsystem of the Clan of the Persian Gulf under the command of the pseudonym Siopas, who was one of the closest people of the pseudonym Otoniel, the maximum leader of this criminal group.

Arlene Gonzalez, secretary of the government of San Juan de Urabá, said that the authorities had been taken to the municipality of Turbo, where they conduct forensic examinations and investigators from the CTI.

“The community has suffered a lot because in recent years we have not had a record. The family was famous and lived all their lives on the farm, quietly, he said.

The representative of Paternina added that the authorities are analyzing what rewards can be offered to determine the location of the perpetrators of the crime.

“This year in San Juan, we had only one violent death. And we, in Literature, within six months have revealed a decrease in the requirements and processes of intra-family violence and personal injuries, ”he said.

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