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This is how a corrupt plot accused the director of the model.

César Ceballos, director of the La Modelo de Bogotá prison, was arrested in the last hours for prosecutors indicating that he was behind one of the most advanced corruption systems found in the prison in Puente Aranda in Bogota. Prosecutor Nestor Umberto Martinez stated that Ceballos was behind the criminal organization.

“The collected material proves that as soon as the prisoner entered the prison, he was given a kind of economic research to find out in which yard they are located. They had a fare for it, " explained Martinez Neira.

For example, if a prisoner wanted to stay in the yard of three of this prison, one of the least dangerous, he had to pay about three million pesos a month. If he did not have the resources for this, he was translated and warned that they could not answer for his safety.

The price list also shows the cost of importing items that are not allowed in the prison, such as alcohol, drugs and mobile phones, among other things. In addition, the cost of people entering unauthorized hours was included.

“They took 600,000 pesos for a bottle of whiskey. For a cell phone, they demanded 400,000 pesos, and the entrance of people depended on the patio. For example, for yard 3 they asked for 550,000 pesos, and for other yards – 150,000 pesos ", told the head of the investigative body in detail.

Delivery of the money was made through the driver or escort of Ceballos. It was also found that in the home of the subject who was identified as “Paisa”, money was taken to carry out these illegal activities.

"This is an unprecedented scheme of corruption – to provide prisoners with benefits that allow the systemic importation of drugs and other elements limited by the penitentiary system." the prosecutor said.

The episode recalls the main character of the director of La Picota, Major Luis Perdomo, who was arrested last September for accepting bribes in favor of extradition. At that time, he was charged with concussion and illicit enrichment. But after recent requests, Perdomo will open a new file for a similar case.

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