Thursday , January 21 2021

Super Mario Odyssey gets costumes from Santa Claus and 8-bit style

Do you want to play Super Mario Odisei But do you feel that the classic Mario costume is not suitable for the season? Do not worry, because Nintendo thought about you. On November 21, this game received an update, which includes two new suits for Mario, one of which is for holidays.

If we go through the Crazy Cap store, we’ll find a Santa Claus costume and hat (Santa Claus, San Nicholas, Santa Claus, anything you want to name) for sale. Covering your head with your cult cover will cost us 500 coins, and a costume will cost 1000 coins.

But this is not the only novelty that we find in this store. There will also be an 8-bit suit, which resembles the nostalgic look of Mario in his first adventure, saving the princess in 1985. The three-dimensional nature of this look makes it look just like amiibo, released to celebrate this character's 30th birthday. Of course, if they want this curious costume, they will have to pay 9999 coins. We hope you saved them.

This is really good news that Nintendo continues to update Super Mario Odyssey although more than a year has passed since its launch. This gives us a good reason to return to this wonderful game.

Super Mario Odyssey has a new Halloween costume.

Via: Nintendo Wire

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