Saturday , January 16 2021

River-Boca safety: police armor determined for Saturday Super Final

Exists police mega-operation for the decisive match between the river and Boka next Saturday at the monumental stadium, which will determine the name Copa Libertadores. Today at 15 years will be crucial meeting between the Ministry of Security of the city of Buenos Aires and the Ministry of Security of the Nation to resolve all the details shielding superclassics,

Unlike the first game, now in Monumental there will be a champion. That is why the police operation will be strengthened. Even if Boca wins the title, the festivities will be transferred at night to Bomboner, and a special operation will also be scheduled this time.

It starts from 9

The operation in the vicinity of Núñez will begin at 9 am with fencing the streets around Monumental. The stadium doors will open at 13 o'clock.

More security forces

At the first stage, an operation with 1500 troops was created. This time it will be more, because the game will determine the champion. In addition, safety will be ensured in concentrations of the river and Boca, in the Obelisk and in Bomboner, if Boca becomes a champion. The federal police, the city police, the gendarmerie and the students of the “Safe Stand” program of the Ministry of National Security will work together.

200 forbidden bars

As it was in the Bomba match with 250 Boca bars, next Saturday there will be 200 river bars with entry rights that cannot enter Monumental.

Three control rings

There will be many controls so that they do not reach the stadium with false entries or without tickets. It will be three rings of checks. A person who has a false record purchased unofficially will be considered a violation and will not be able to go to the stadium for the next six months.

66 thousand people

The river sold all the tickets and 66 thousand fans. There will be no visitors.

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