Saturday , January 23 2021

Paraguayan Ruben Monges will strengthen America for 2019 | Colombian Football | Eagle League

In Cali, the arrival in Paraguay of Paraguayan central defender Ruben Monges, 25 years old, and who will arrive in the city on January 3 to begin the pre-season 2019, is a fact.

A Monges deal from Sportivo Luqueño from his country will be made with a credit with the option to purchase. The player began his career in 2013 in Libertad, then went to Rubio Nu, General Caballero, and then to Lukeno.

Monges was born in Hernandarias on February 6, 1993 and measured 1.88 meters. He also performed with the selected Sub 20 Guarani, South American 2013, and the World Championships in this category that same year. The player has very good reviews from the Paraguayan chroniclers, who confirm contacts between Lukeno and America.

If the Monges link is confirmed, Argentine Diego Herner will have no place in the detachment. Monges then joined Marlon Torres, central Barranquilla, who greatly advanced his connection with the red lobule.

Although the name of midfielder Christian Marcelo Alvarez was mentioned as a likely signing, Fernando Pecoso Castro claims that he has no references to Argentines.

On the other hand, Adidas will continue until 2021 as the official clothing of the scarlet team.

Marco Antonio Garcís
Correspondent Fatbold in Cali
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