Sunday , January 17 2021

“It was an orgasmic presentation”: Amparo Grisales was “warmed up” at Yo Melamo [VIDEO]

In a special chapter where duels and conversations appeared, the “Diva” of Colombians did not spare the adjectives in the presentation of David Bisbal.

In this opportunity will be eliminated, but a lot of money between them: 80 million pesos. In each competition there will be 8 fights and one winner.

In these battles, the winners will take several million for their home.

And in this chapter there were several moments that gave a talk about what, one of them was related to the battle between Sin Bandera and David Bisbal.

David in his speech flirts with the jury, and this made Amparo put his clothes a little.

Gritsales told the imitator after singing that he almost unleashed it. In the end, he served because with two votes, David Bisbal won the match and won 10 million pesos.

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