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Instagram security flaw that opened user accounts – Apps – Technology

According to reports, the social network discovered a problem in the privacy option implemented in April


Instagram, a social network owned by Facebook, found a flaw in the privacy functionality of the platform, which reveals user information.



November 22, 2018, 06:40.

The flaw in the use of Instagram photos revealed the user accounts of the social network owned by Facebook. By storing people's information in a text file, the social network did not take enough precautions to encrypt sensitive information, such as user passwords.

As reported by specialized international media, this flaw was found in the tool, which was integrated into Instagram in April. The option “Upload your data” allows users to access data stored on the social network in their account and must comply with the requirements of European privacy legislation known as GDPR.

In a message to the Information portal, the spokesperson for the application found that the refusal "was detected within the country and affected a very small number of people."

At the moment, Instagram does not disclose details about the number of accounts that may have problems with the option.

The privacy tool allows users to find their browsing history on this network, including publications, comments, activity in certain ads and even “enjoy”.

For some users, the data upload option, which responds with a maximum of 48 hours, could include their password in the URL of the same link that the social network sent them to upload their information. This behavior could open a password, for example, for people who use computers in public services and do not erase the history of their navigation.

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