Thursday , January 21 2021

Champion in the semifinals – Sport

Deportes Tolima, with the Paraguayan striker Robin Ramirez, who entered the second half, defeated Independiente de Santa Fe in the penalty area and advanced to the semifinal of Kluzura. The current Colombian champion will now meet with Independiente Medellin.

The champion of the discovery, Deportes Tolima, will now move from Independiente to Medellin, while Rionegro will do it with Atletico Junior in the semifinal of Columbia Football's Seizure.

Along the way Tolima sent Independiente Santa Fe into the penalty area 4-3. In the first match he won with a score of 2: 1 and lost 0: 1 in the second match on Saturday. His next opponent, Independiente Medellín, won the first 3-0 match in Atletico Bucaramanga, and that was enough to qualify, despite falling 2: 0 in the opposite direction.

The other key will be Rionegro and Atlético Junior. The first got his pass to the semifinals after the victory over Caldas for the minimum in the first game and a 1: 1 draw on Sunday. For its part, the shark box won with a score of 1: 0 in the first match against La Ecquidad and scored a goalless draw on Sunday, which allowed him to enter the four classified ones.

The first semi-final matches will be held between Wednesday and Thursday, and the final will take place next weekend. Independiente Medellin will start at home against the champion, and Rionegro will get Atletico Junior.

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