Friday , January 22 2021

A Chinese citizen was shot dead when he mobilized in the center of Cali.

Authorities said the case is under investigation. Presently Drops that the cause of the attack was caused by a robbery attempt.

In the gray truck mobilized citizen of China Lin When with three other peoplewhen a bullet hit him with a hit man right in the center of Kali.

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“They were approached by a man who directly to a member of the vehicle’s crew, giving him a few shots, he later got on a motorcycle and started to run, ”said Colonel Henry Ramirez, commander of the civil security of the Cali Police

The victim got at least eight blows of firearms, according to a government report.

Lin When, who was over 50 years old, I was driving like a passenger in front of a carand although he was able to get to the clinic of Versailles in northern Cali, he died a few minutes later.

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"He was busy or I worked in a store selling bags, it was dedicated to their distribution, ”Officer Ramirez added.

The authorities have shown that Chinese citizen has no history and he did not report any threats.

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