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Zhang Jilong received the lifelong honor of Asia. Chinese football should sentence him. _ FIFA

Original title: Zhang Jilong won the lifelong honor of the Asian diamond Chinese football should sentence him

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In the evening of the 28th, the AFC awards, in addition to Wang Shuang, were won by another Chinese man – the former vice-chairman of the AFC, Zhang Jilong, won the “Almaz Asia” award in recognition of his development of Asian football Great contribution.

In his time, Zhang Jilong was the most dazzling figure in Chinese football. As the only Chinese member of the FIFA executive committee, he was awarded the title of Brother of the Dragon by fans.

The last sign of the national prefaces of 2001 was considered the greatest achievement in Zhang Jilong’s football diplomacy. After he left FIFA, there was no Chinese national executive committee in the organization, and the international discursive power of the Chinese Football Association was also completely behind.

Five years ago, Zhang Jilong had the opportunity to run for the presidency of the AFC, but he did not receive the support he had. He regretted retirement. But this “Diamond of Asia” he can afford it.

Chinese football is not good, administrative management should be responsible

If we say that Chinese fans called Seya Yalong the “King of the Dragons” in the past, there is still a little ridicule, but when Zhang Jilong is called “Brother of the Dragon”, they are almost always respectful.

But Zhang Jilong himself prefers the term "football diplomat."

Since 1978, Zhang Jilong entered the Football Association to deal with foreign affairs, and then “climbed” completely, and entered the Committee on the Rules of the AFC and the Women's FIFA Women's Committee.

In 1996, he served as vice president of AFC, and also served as deputy chairman of the Competition Committee. Thanks to the existence of “Brother Dragon” and his outstanding diplomatic skills, the voice of the Chinese Football Association has gradually increased in the international community.

The best example of this problem, there is no doubt that during the World Cup in 2001, was later known as the “Hand of God” to do diplomacy.

Through a series of "combined vertical and horizontal" national football team won the top ten competitions and, finally, entered the World Cup finals in Korea and Japan, creating a glorious history of Chinese football.

Since then, due to “squeezing” inside the AFC, Zhang Jilong’s energy has been weakened, and since then, national football has repeatedly suffered from “failure”.

For the problems that exist in Chinese football, Zhang Jilong is frank.

In an interview with CCTV, he said that the wrong administration of the Chinese Football Association caused problems for Chinese football.

"I want to say that Chinese football should pay attention to the reform of institutions and administration, the coach and the player should not condemn, working hard enough not seriously, but the first to be accountable leaders of football, the Chinese football association itself, they lack control of football Serious and low ratio. "

Loss of elections, eyes with tears

In the history of FIFA, Zhang Jilong is the first and only Chinese executive committee to date.

He first took up this position in 2011, when the then president of AFK Harman was removed for bribery. Zhang Jilong was appointed First Vice-Chairman and became Acting Chairman of AFC, and became the FIFA Executive Committee.

The second time was in 2013. Since Sri Lankan Manila was “banned,” Zhang Jilong again performed the functions of the FIFA Executive Committee and did not resign until May 2015.

However, although China’s voice was reinforced in FIFA, Zhang Jilong did not officially hold the presidency of AFC during his football career, and this regret was due to the fact that the country did not give him enough support.

After the expiration of the current chairman of the AFC in 2013, Zhang Jilong abandoned his campaign for the president of AFK. According to the Sports Weekly analysis, this is because Zhang Jilong had just left the General Administration at the retirement age, and the General Administration had an unwritten rule –

After officials retire, the General Administration will no longer recommend them to run for the relevant positions of an international organization on behalf of the organization. A prerequisite for the presidency is that the candidate should receive a country recommendation.

In addition, some insiders believe that this is due to Zhang Jilong’s suspicion of “high authority and skill” and was “cooled” by the national football association.

Therefore, although there is a campaign of the heart, Zhang Jilong can only regret leaving. Wang Dong, vice president of Ali Sports, told reporters that he spoke with Zhang Jilong on this issue. Zhang Jilong "looks very disappointed."

“He said he loves football and can contribute. When you say these words, you can clearly read that Zhang Jilong is emotional and even has tears. ”

However, when the media was behind the incident, Zhang Jilong said several times that this was his own decision, not a forced one.

When will the right to talk about national football be improved?

In July 2016, Zhang Jilong volunteered to resign as deputy chair of the AFC due to poor hospitalization.

But unfortunately, after Zhang Jilong disappeared, the Chinese Football Association currently has a full-time member of the executive committee, Lin Xiaohua, as deputy chairman of the AFC Competition Committee, but the chairman is another Qatar Moenadi.

The AFC Secretariat is responsible for the judges and the national team. Singapore Maidin and Uzbek Avas. There is no member of the Chinese Football Association who has real authority in the main functional committees of the AFC.

At the start of the group stage of the U23 Asian Cup, at the beginning of this year, the Chinese Football Association had just started a new round of middle management competitions. Luo Yi, who was Zhang Jilong’s secretary for a long time, returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and took over Wang Bin’s resignation as a responsible person.

This adjustment further strengthens the foreign affairs work of the Chinese Football Association, but the Football Association obviously needs more specialists to join the foreign affairs working group.

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