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Wu Lei introduced Spanish show skills. The first step in integrating the La Liga team is –


Wu Lei appeared on a Spanish show, and foreign veteran Zhang Chengdong and Gao Leiley sent a message.


Based on La Liga, integration into the team is the first step.

U Lei

Birthday 1991/11/19

Height 1.72 meters

Forward position

Affiliate team

Number 24

Important honor

Super League Champion

Golden Globe Award

Golden Boot Award (2018)

An important event

The youngest player in professional Chinese football (under 15)

Record result of the Chinese player (27 goals)

Early in the morning of January 30, Beijing time, Wu Lei attended the press conference of the Spanish club La Liga. One day, a Spanish official announced that Wu Lei had joined the news. Only now, Wu Lei has already fulfilled his dream of being abroad, and according to him, he still needs to strive to adapt to the local culture as quickly as possible and integrate into this brand new team in order to get the opportunity to play as soon as possible.



The first word in the training – "the entrance to one"

January 30, after wearing the Spanish jersey number 24, U Lei officially appeared at the El Prat stadium. The club staff used Chinese greetings outside the player’s channel to welcome new help. Lei smiled and answered with his thumbs.

This is a friendly start. After that, U Lei hit the ball with a shoulder injury on the lawn of the team's home ground. Group photo, ball showing skills, the shape of a kissing team – the process of joining players to a new club is about the same, but as the first Chinese player introduced by the Spaniards, this set of “prescribed actions” is still long lost to Chinese foreign players. When U Lei took photos of the caddy, everyone shouted in Spanish: “We are here!”

Yes, Wu Lei has already arrived here. This is his first time when he goes to Europe to live and play. There are still many places to adapt. Team integration is only part of that. He should understand and adapt to local culture and life as soon as possible. ,

This is really pressure. Wu's motivation is “to show the ability and hope to prove that Chinese players can also stand in the top five.” As the most popular local striker in the last few years, the Spaniard is also full of expectations for him.

After Wu Lei arrived in Spain, the first Spanish dictionary was “marcargol” – one. The top management of the club made a clear statement at the meeting: the introduction of Chinese players really had their own considerations for entering the Chinese market, but more importantly: “If this is not a game, we will not allow U Lei to come to the Spaniards not only because of economic problems” . consideration ".

Of course, Wu Lei must first have the opportunity to play before he can consider the problem of winning. “Early debut is the first goal. A goal is the attacker's responsibility as long as you can score, no matter who is opposed, ”Wu Lei said.



"Integration into the dressing room is more than a course"

In recent years, the number of foreign players in China has decreased dramatically. One of the unpleasant data of the Asian Cup is that the Chinese team is the only team in the Asian Cup from the national league.

Fortunately, there are still people who can provide experience and help Wu Lei. In 2015, Zhang Chengdong was leased by Beijing Goan Vallecano, becoming the first Chinese player to land at La Liga. Zhang Chengdong told Wu Lei that La Liga is fast-paced and desperately forced to adapt as soon as possible.

Another Chinese player currently playing in Spain is veteran Guoan Gao Leiley. His Wu Lei advice is still integrated: “For foreign teams, you need to communicate more with coaches and teammates and integrate into the locker room rather than the stadium. Looking forward to you. The appearance of the team has been playing in the European team for several years and will bring valuable experience to more Chinese players in the future. ”

However, now that he is in front of U Lei, he has a shoulder injury. Lei spoke with the team doctor on a Spanish base and will examine him in detail on January 31. Fortunately, his injury did not cause much trouble to the coach of the team Rupee. The rumor showed in an interview: “Lei was really unlucky because he was injured when he performed such an important program. Before signing the contract, we had a deep understanding and analysis of Wu Lei, and we made the final decision with care. The reason why the Spaniard signed him is that he is the best player in China, and he can easily score a goal. Fortunately, Leia's Injury is not too serious, which makes me sigh with relief. ”



La Liga's first local star will be renamed

Staying in the ocean is Wu Lei’s dream of a little. His explanation is: “The overall level of foreign teams is higher. If you exit, you will be very helpful. Even if you just follow the workouts, it will be significantly improved. " In the past few years, Wu Lei received invitations from foreign clubs, but he said: “At that time, my mind was still on the side of Hong Kong because I did not help the team win the championship. Helping Shanghai win the championship is my previous goal and dream. ”

Being a proud student of Xu Genbao, Wu's growth story is smooth and uneven: he represented the Shanghai East Asia team in the 13th round of the China League in the 14th and 10th month, setting a record for the youngest players in the Chinese Football League. In 2008, he broke the goal of Qingdao Heilifeng for "Shanghai East Asia" in the 15th round of the League of China, at that time he was 16 years and 289 days, he became the second youngest scorer in the Chinese professional football league. In 2013, Wu Lei scored 12 goals in the first season of the Super League and won the top scorer. In the 2018 season, Wu Lei won the top scorer with 27 goals (no penalty) and broke the monopoly on foreign aid in the Golden League Super League, which also broke the one-season win record in the previous season, created by Li Jinyu. In addition, the highest results of Wu Lei in China's top league reached 102, surpassing Han Peng (93 goals) and Hao Haydong (96 goals), which is second only to Li Jinyu's 120 goals.

However, Wu Lei, who is in the middle of the league, has always been criticized for his even performance in the national team. Lei wasn't sure about the national team when he was in Hong Kong.

In this Asian Cup group match, Wu Lei scored twice in a match against China in the Philippines. "The first man in the Super League," finally got injured and broke the national team. Today, he finally opened his career in the ocean: “Wuqiu Van” can stand on “La Liga”, complete the transformation in the national team, became a new expectation of fans.

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