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What will Apple do in 2019? What are your expectations? – apple apple


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Everyone knows the Apple project

The first thing to say is that everyone knows that the plans of Apple, that is, the three main lines of hardware products will open a new round of updates, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Three lines do not go deep into the moment, after all, this is not the time.

At the same time, all the products that everyone has been waiting for, as well as products that Apple promised for a long time, should also appear next year. Apple has long confirmed that AirPods with wireless charging will be launched in 2018, but we have not yet seen the new AirPods wireless charging box, and second-generation rumors support ri Siri for a better sound environment. Processed AirPods products also failed to debut.

According to the past, the AirPods wireless charging box can be charged not only through AirPower, but Apple is also more open, which allows it to support a range of standard Qi wireless charging devices. However, it is unclear whether the new support for Qi's wireless charging box will become standard on the second-generation AirPods wireless headphones, but Apple has decided that it will be sold as an optional accessory.

AirPower wireless charging pad? Although the Apple website has completely ceased to exist, it should be officially launched, after all, this product still contains a lot of fruit powder. However, the latest news of this month shows that Apple may have modified the AirPower scheme and applied for a new patent. The patent shows that the new AirPower will support data transfer from the iPhone, which can display charging status through the iPhone, and also supports various Qi and PMA charging standards to adapt to different devices. Anyway, AirPower can only wait.

In addition to the above-mentioned Apple Watch products of the new generation, Apple TV will be mainly updated next year, and an iPad mini 5 in the mouth of the analyst, I just hope that I can debut. In addition, the four major software operating systems Apple iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS definitely welcome the new update at the WWDC 2019 Developer Conference next year.

According to past news, the new features that Apple originally planned to add to iOS 12 were transferred to iOS 13. Not surprisingly, iOS 13 will redesign the home screen and improve the file application, bringing the new file manager closer to the version of the macOS platform and providing an application tab. At the same time, iOS 13 will support launching the same application in a split-screen mode, similar to application avatars. In addition, Apple will improve support for the Apple Pencil in Split View.

Some other Apple programs that should be predictable or predictable:


– Mac will have an app for iOS, even ARM Mac

At the Apple WWDC developer conference this year in 2018, Apple confirmed one thing: iOS and macOS will not be merged, but Apple offers everyone a “peeping” project that has been developed over the years, that is, the introduction of iOS applications to the macOS platform. Apple also stressed that the iOS and macOS platforms have more technologies in one direction, and that M ac is so powerful that I feel that the Mac is integrated into the most vibrant application ecosystem in the world.

Apple said that although MacOS and iOS devices look a bit different, including the user interface and many other aspects, the basic architecture of these two devices is the same from the very beginning, so some additional work was done to ensure compatibility. To facilitate the work of iOS applications on macOS. However, Apple has determined that the iOS application will also adapt to the way Macs are used, including the Ttackpad touchpad and mouse input, custom window controls, scroll bars, copy and paste, and drag and drop.

Apple also made it clear that the project will be open to developers in 2019, so next year we will see that a large number of developers are adapting the iOS application for macOS. The key point is that Apple is an ambitious company, especially in the search for chips, so many analysts believe that in the future there will be a new category of Apple devices, such devices are either based on Mac devices based on ARM chips, or based on Laptop for iOS.

Apple's plan is to truly consider a Mac device with an AMR chip, I think Apple will provide it to us in 2019. This year it was reported that Apple plans to replace Intel chips with its own Mac chips by 2020. Although this news is unexpected, Apple is not surprised when it develops ARM-based chips for the Mac product line, because Apple started developing ARM chips for its own product line, including T, S, and W series chips. So next year, Apple’s actions in This area will also be given much attention.


– Mac Pro

Although Apple did not share more information about its new Mac Pro this year, there are many signs that this new product will be very powerful. Not only the high-performance equipment everyone expected, but also a modular design that Apple did not explain.

Many people interpret the “modular” Mac Pro differently, and some believe that it must support external video cards. In fact, this is beyond doubt, since the Mac with the Thunderbolt 3 interface now supports eGPU. Others believe that the so-called “modular” design should be able to replace the components of the processor, SSD, memory and video card as freely as a Windows PC.

However, there is also an opinion that the word “modular” is intended only for Apple itself, and Apple can use “modules” to make money, rather than returning the convenience of replacing equipment to professional users. Of course, this concern may be superfluous, because Apple communicates openly with the professional community, and many professionals form the Pro Workflow Team to participate in the development of Mac Pro to reach out to professional customers in order to truly understand their needs and provide the most complete professional solution.

At the same time. Given that a large number of Mac computers are now integrated with Apple’s own T-series designed by Apple, I believe that new Mac Pro products are no exception. In any case, Apple pays attention to the needs of professional users, including the iMac Pro, MacBook Pro and the new Mac mini, who are trying to connect with the “more professional”, so maybe the Mac Pro will finally come out and will not be linked to the needs of the mass consumer market. . big.

In line with Apple’s initial commitment in 2017, Apple said the next-generation Mac Pro should be modular, scalable and able to meet the high-performance and high-performance needs of professional users.


Apple streaming video service

Apple’s entry into the original TV show and movie is now only a rumor, but Apple’s actions have led many people to talk about the possibility of entering the video streaming field. Among them, Apple has spent millions of dollars creating an elite team that creates high-quality content.

For example, in mid-2017, Apple dug up two Sony veterans, Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg, who were in charge of Apple. Work with video content. At the time, Apple CEO Eddie Q said: “We have prepared exciting plans for our customers and cannot wait to bring them to professional skills. We still have a lot of work to do in the future. ”

Although Apple was silent on how to use its original content plan, it is expected that Apple can launch its own new video streaming service in 2019. You should not wait until next fall, around September 2019. Some analysts believe that Apple’s expansion of its services business through streaming video will help increase revenue, as new audiences will also turn to other services in their own ecology.

As for the form in which Apple will launch, it is still unclear. You can provide a separate application. It can be integrated into Apple TV to be the first to deliver its own ecosystem, or it can provide multiplatform services such as Apple Music. For more users, it’s convenient to subscribe, and the latter requires a certain amount of original content so that it can compete with other video streaming service providers.


– 5G temptation

In accordance with the current pace of development of the Android camp, the first 5G smartphones should be available in 2019. However, these providers simply cannot fulfill the promise of great publicity, since most operators have not yet established a specific schedule for launching 5G networks, and some operators may not complete the deployment of the 5G network until 2020 or later.

There is no doubt that Apple also monitors 5G technology. Although the iPhone 2019 will not be able to provide support for the 5G network, we can also hear Apple talk about more details about its 5G plan, including how it is based on software. Support this new technology. Apple's movements will not be as fast, and ultimately it may be closer to the background of the global 5G network jump in 2020.

This may be the main reason, that is, the Apple chip development team is developing stand-alone modems. Apple does not plan to use Qualcomm modems. Problems with the performance of Intel modems have been criticized, so already in 2017 it was reported that research and development of Apple modem projects within five or six years could be completed in the next year or two. Therefore, how interesting is Apple’s own modem, and many friends of the machine also want to know if Apple will integrate the modem into the SoC Series A chip.


– Mobile medical equipment

New Apple Watch Series 4 from Apple introduced this year a very good function that supports ECG reading and can monitor certain conditions of the heart. Despite this, Apple’s plan is not satisfied with this, Apple hopes that its mobile equipment will contribute to the further development of the healthcare industry, and even every device can reasonably participate in key sectors of the healthcare industry. Therefore, Apple, which is developing sensors related to medicine, is expected next year to offer medical and medical functions based on iOS.


– Continue to force the field of the enterprise

Far compared with Apple's position in the consumer sector and in the corporate sector, so Apple is very difficult all these years in this area, trying to occupy a place in the enterprise complex. Despite the fact that Apple introduced many professional-grade professional products for businesses such as the iPad Pro, Apple will still pay more attention to the corporate field in 2019. Because in the current global economic trend, when equipment sales in the consumer sector become problematic, this is easy to put down, and the Microsoft sector, which has struggled in the field of enterprises, is growing, so it makes sense for Apple to pay more attention to the enterprise sector.


Beyond AirPods

When Apple first released AirPods, it was publicly stated that AirPods is tantamount to "the invention of wireless headsets." In the words of Apple there is some truth. After all, AirPods are very popular today. Even many friends of the machines, who are also concerned about wireless headphones in the Android camp, have to admit that their revolutionary AirPods chip can provide very good uninterrupted Bluetooth. Audio is great, especially in the iOS ecosystem.

AirPods can do this. Obviously, Apple not only develops the AirPods as a wireless headset, but also develops it as a wearable device, and developed the W1 chip to achieve “fast” pairing. Connection and three technical features of ultra-low power consumption. Therefore, Apple will certainly develop the second generation AirPods product in 2019 and will release a more powerful W2 chip for this purpose.

As for the W2 chip, it will not be easy to say that the W2 chip will provide excellent voice support for Siri for AirPods, and even future AirPods can provide more powerful features, including noise reduction technology and enhanced support. Range, even with some biometric sensors, such as heart rate monitors. Having said that, since the W series chip is so powerful, will it appear on other new products? We can also count on this in 2019.

In short, see you next year.

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