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Wang Shuang was selected by the Asian Football Mission China Football Association Reunion Mass Incentive Awards_ 张吉龙

Original title: Wang Shuang was elected the Asian Football Miss Chinese Football Association Reunion Grassroots Incentive Award

On November 29, in Beijing, the annual ceremony of awarding AFC awards in 2018 was held at the Oman Conference Center in Muscat. China's international women's football King Frost was elected in 2018 as part of the Asian football team, and the Chinese Football Association won the Asian Football Promotion Award for Africa for the second year in a row, and Zhang Jilong also won the Asian Diamond Award. Qatar International Al-Qasad Karim Hassan was elected to Asian Footballer.

The award ceremony was co-chaired by Fox Sports presenter John Dykes and head coach of sports news Natalie Mamo. Maya Diab, once a member of the famous Lebanese 4 Cats women’s group, also performed at the awards ceremony. In addition, since Oman is the hometown of the sailors of Sinbad in “One Thousand and One Nights,” the scene also Works related to art began as a discovery. Wang Shuang, who was nominated for an Asian football miss, also stepped on the stage and insisted on training at the gym after arriving at Muscat.

China's national football team, Wang Shuang, which currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain women's football team, defeated Samantha Cole of Australia and Kumagaya Saki of Japan to win the Miss Soccer Award. Wang Shuang became the fourth Chinese player to win this honor after Wen Jiabao in 1999, Bai Jie in 2003, and Ma Xiaoshu in 2006. Wang Huo, who received the award on stage, then gave a speech in English: thanks to the AFC, I was very lucky to win the competition with Samantha Cole and Syungu Yoshi thanks to the fans who supported me and my football career. All clubs are valid. Women's World Cup next year, I will continue to work hard, this reward is not the end, but the starting point of my motivation to continue forward.

Initially, the highest award of the AFC – the “Diamond of Asia” award was awarded to the current chairman of the former Asian Football Association, Zhang Jilong, who was unable to visit the scene of the incident for this reason. Therefore, he took the Asian football in Beijing on the 21st of this month. Zhang Jilong also spoke on the video about the award provided by the AFC delegation led by President Salman. The “Diamond of Asia” award is an award specially created by the AFC for old footballers who have been working in Asian football for more than 30 years and have made a great contribution. Since the creation of this award in 2004, the Chinese have not yet won this award. Zhang Jilong is the first Chinese to receive this honor. In addition, the award was awarded for the honorary title of world champion in Afghanistan. The Palestine Football Association, the Singapore Football Association and the Chinese Football Association received a potential award, development bonus and incentive prize, respectively. Director of the Chinese Football Association Party Committee Du Zhaokai personally took part in the awards ceremony.

Qatar International Karim Hassan, who played for Alsad, defeated two Japanese players, San Francisco and Suzuki, as the player of the year. This means that since the third year of Zheng Zhi in 2013, the award came from Western Asian players. In addition, Saudi Aramal also won the “Men's Youth of the Year” award, and Iranian “Fagani” and two other Iranian judges received the “Best of the Year” AFC.

AFK President Salman also presented two special awards after the presentation of a commemorative award to a host official in Oman. The winner was the coach, who in August of this year led the FIFA U20 Women's World Championship in the history of the Japanese team. Ikeda, another winner was recognized by the President of the Thai Football Association, Pumpanaga, on behalf of the Thai “wild pigs” team. At the end of June, 12 small players and 1 coach were in the caves of Chiang Rai, in the north of Thailand. After they were trapped for 18 days, they were all saved. They inspired the world to their perseverance and courage.

In 2013, the Chinese Football Association won the award at the beginning of the award. This is the fourth time that the Japan Football Association has won this award in the last five years, and the Korean Football Association sponsors the award for the best development association of the year. Acquired, this is the second time that the North Korean Football Association won this award since 2014, and the Mongolian Football Association won the nomination “Best Winners Association of the Year”, which was awarded to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the Mongolian Football Association.

Japanese female football coach Takakura Mako won the AFC Women 's Coach of the Year Award for six years for the seventh time. Da Yan, who led the horns of Kashima to win the AFC champion, was elected the best male coach of the year. The best football player of five was re-acquired by Iranian Ali-Asgar-Hassan Zade, who won this award for the third year in a row. The annual award ceremony of the AFC was successfully completed in a festive atmosphere of the winners. (Zuo Aoyou)

AFC 2018 competition winners at a glance

Asian footballer: Karim Hassan (Alsad / Qatar)

Asian soccer ball: Wang Shuang (China)

Best Male Coach: Dayan Gan (Japan)

Best Female Coach: Takakura Mako (Japan)

Best Male Youth Player: Turki Al Amar (Saudi Arabia)

Best Female Youth Player: Bao Tian Sha Zhi (Japan)

AFC Best Judge in 2018: Fagani (Iran), Sohandan (Iran), Mansuri (Iran)

Best Overseas Player: Hasegawa Division (Japan)

Football player from five sides: Ali Asgar-Hasanza (Iran)

Diamond of Asia Award: Zhang Jilong (released in advance)

Special award of the President of the AFC: Ikeda Thai (Japan), the team of the Thai wild boar

Best Association of the Year:

Inspiring: Japan Football Association

Development Award: North Korea Football Association

Aspiring: Mongolian Football Association

Mass Football Chairman of the AFC:

Inspiring: Chinese Football Association

Development Award: Singapore Football Association

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