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The Ministry of Public Security is pushing convenience measures: if the photo of the identity card is not satisfactory, you can apply for a repeat collection 3 times. – Finance News – CAIJING.COM.CN

Li Jingsheng, director of the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said today that he has implemented six measures to deepen public safety management. Among them is the identifier of the service photo of the resident ID card. If the public is dissatisfied with a photo of a resident ID card, they can apply for re-taking pictures 3 times, from which a photo is preferable.

The Ministry of Public Security held a press conference on the 29th of the “Notification of the Ministry of Public Security about the development of a comprehensive plan to deepen public safety management and monitor the reform of the six measures for the benefit of the people and the people”. Li Jingsheng, director of the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, deputy directors Huang Shuangquan, Li Jiantao and Zhang Jouliang presented the situation and answered journalists' questions.

Li Jingsheng said that in order to implement the decisions of the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council to deepen the “distribution services” reform, the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security decided to introduce six measures to deepen public safety management reform and simplify business start-up procedures. Compressing start-up times, reducing the economic burden of enterprises, reducing evidence of business services, creating an internal security control system, providing convenient services for people to apply for identity cards and residence permits, and optimize household management services.

Li Jingsheng introduced that it would simplify launch procedures for key industries and public safety management areas and shorten launch times. Apply for a special industrial industry license and permit for security training to fulfill obligations to ensure that businesses and people can get approval after submitting an industrial and commercial license and submit relevant materials for obtaining approval: hotels, chess, bathhouses and industries are in accordance with the rules. If the public security authority submits and submits registration information, it must submit the relevant materials, and the public security authority must complete the report after confirmation within one working day, and the period of validity of the special industry license to print the engraving shall not exceed 7 business days.

The preparation of the official seal is no longer processed by the head, the compaction company must follow the rules and apply for printing, and the print engraving must complete the print engraving within 1 working day, and the security service and the security training unit must set a time limit for permission. It will be reduced from 30 working days to 20 jobs, and the general security service will not create a branch in the administrative district of the province to contact the public security organs.

Li Jingsheng noted that the Ministry of Public Security will reduce the economic burden of enterprises. It is strictly forbidden to charge a commission for the service for print engraving, and it is strictly forbidden to change the chapter and monopolize the operation. The Ministry of Public Security has developed software for an information security management system for printing and engraving print application software that provides free installation and use of public public security organs and engravings, and explicitly requiring all localities to stop charging for Internet access. , service charges and other expenses.

Li Jingsheng noted that it is necessary to reduce the evidence of business services. Enterprises applying a special license for a pawnshop no longer need to provide summaries of legal representatives, individual shareholders and other senior management personnel, as well as proof of unintentional criminal record, financial institutions are applying for a certificate of office space and treasury funds. financial supervision institutions and higher bodies of financial institutions. It is no longer necessary to provide relevant qualification certificates for design and engineering departments for safety and security, as well as permission to register products for safety products. There is no longer a need to provide rent for real estate or copies of property contracts and lease agreements. A copy of the security agreement signed by both parties.

Li Jingsheng made it clear that it is necessary to create a system for monitoring internal security. In accordance with the needs of enterprises, the public security organs under the jurisdiction chose the police to ensure “links” with the activities of the internal security enterprises, strengthen contacts with enterprises, assist enterprises in detecting hidden remediation threats, improve security and safety systems, and manage enterprises to conduct education and training. on safety and maintenance of good production. Operating environment Security and stability of enterprises are directly related to economic development and social stability.

Li Jingsheng said that it is necessary to provide convenient services for people who can apply for a residence permit and residence permit. First, open a “green channel” for residents ’identity cards and residence permits for college students who work together and urgently need to use certificates. Collective employment workers, college entrance exams, candidates for various vocational qualification exams, etc., which urgently need proof, can apply for the “green channel” through a resident's identity card and residence permit established by local public authorities security, and receive priority recognition, priority information loading and priority for certification services. Ensure timely receipt of documents. The second is a photograph of the resident's identity card. If the public is dissatisfied with a photo of a resident's identity card, they can apply for a re-shoot 3 times, from which a photo is preferable. People who have applied for an identity card can use the original information about the photo when they re-apply for an identity card within 2 years. The third is the renewal of the identity of the resident. Three months before the validity of the identity card of the resident ID card expires, the public security authority in the household registration area reminds the public to redeem a new certificate in a timely manner using various methods, such as WeChat and SMS.

Li Jingsheng also noted that the provision of optimized management services. To improve a unified and community-based collective household system, use the Internet for online declaration of temporary registration of the population of the floating population and provide convenient conditions for enterprises to settle and temporarily register, introduce “Internet + consumer services”, enterprises and the public can be members of local authorities public security for doing business online. Platforms such as lobbies, a public affairs network and mobile terminals, online consultations on household registration policies, the appointment of a business on registering households and business analysis of requests, while also providing online registration of registration of migrants for temporary residence, which makes it easier temporary registration of enterprises and relies on online services. The platform provides many home services for the masses on the Internet.

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