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Tencent and Japan Line are cooperating, can this time be restored in the international payments market? | Fan love

Payments WeChat and Alipay in the country are cruel, and the overseas mobile payment market is not calm.

On November 27, Nikkei News announced that Tencent will work with the Japanese instant messaging platform Line to provide mobile payment services to small Japanese retailers in order to capture the influx of Chinese tourists. The report also says that Yahoo Japan and Softbank, the QR code company PayPay, which just announced cooperation with Alibaba, is a competitor of this collaboration.

In fact, Apple NFC payment service is the world's leading mobile payment provider.

Research firm Loup Ventures estimates that Apple Pay now has over 252 million users. The report Juniper Research predicts that by 2020 the number of contactless payment users using mobile device manufacturers worldwide will increase to 450 million, and Apple Pay will be almost 50%.

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Regardless of whether these user forecasts are accurate, the volume of Apple Pay transactions is indeed growing rapidly. In June, Apple announced at a conference on revenues that Apple Pay currently supports more than 30 countries and regions, with total transactions exceeding 1 billion, and the volume of transactions is increasing 3 times.

In other words, Apple has both a first advantage and a strong growth impulse. Samsung Pay is also the most successful of its kind. This NFC payment is essentially paid by credit card and basically has no competition with the bank. On the contrary, third-party applications, such as WeChat payment and Alipay, hardly cooperate with the bank.

From a marketing point of view, Alipay has been actively engaged in the “Chinese Koi” in the past in order to increase brand awareness and promote “cross-border payments” on a global scale. According to the Alipay summer holidays, the number of countries and regions supporting autonomous mobile payments reached 40, and the number of airports supporting discounts on mobile phones also increased to 80.

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WeChat payment layout is closely monitored, but the overall direction is similar to Alipay. The target group is Chinese tourists and Chinese living abroad paying for a discount on purchases in order to attract foreign users.

From this point of view, Alipay and WeChat payments are competitors, but they are also difficult brothers and brothers, have a common development dilemma, that is, it is difficult to compete with NFC payments, it is difficult to attract foreign users who are used to using credit cards.

Yahoo Japan and Softbank QR code company PayPay and Alipay cooperation, the specific performance of the PayPay franchise store will reach a settlement through the Alipay platform.

The platform's function is similar to WeChat & # 39; s Line, and also has a third-party payment function "Line Pay". In combination with a local card, it also has the function of payment and transfer. Tencent may hope to open a payment port through Line Base and take a bigger step in paying abroad.

In mid-December, Line began renting terminal equipment compatible with WeChat payments, and this joint service plan will be launched next year.

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