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Tax cuts and tax cuts to promote the healthy development of private enterprises – News – Global IC trade starts here –

Unlike traditional enterprises, technology companies have a low dependence on natural resources, but the demand for capital and technology is huge. The study showed that the business philosophy of several listed companies that visited this time was relatively stable, the risk of capital investment and the liability for contributions was small, and the general crisis of enterprises was severe.


Innovation lies in talent

"We are one of the few companies that have no collateral." Speaking about the company's assets, Vision Sources CEO Liu Dunfeng told reporters.

It is clear that Vision Source established a strict account at the upper and lower levels from the initial stage of the enterprise, insisted on paying first, and then on sending and paying the remaining payment before shipment. According to public information, the company's total income for the first three quarters of 2018 was 12.02 billion dollars, and receivables amounted to only 148 million, which remained low. At the same time, the company actively used the capital market for financing. On October 30, 2017, Vision Source announced that it would not issue more than 942 million Yuan of convertible corporate bonds. This question was accepted by the CSRC.

According to the company’s CEO Tao Desheng, the company's cash flow is close to 6.5 billion. "Comparatively, that private enterprises borrow more money, we must keep in touch with the bank as much as possible, when funds are plentiful." The company is also cautious about tens of billions of innovations in some biotech companies. “Innovation is not saving money, but shouting slogans. The annual cost of research and development of American pharmaceutical companies is more than 10 billion yuan, and it is not always possible to produce a new drug in a year. Some companies will not shout at ten global slogans for ten years. Realistic, often do not see the results of innovation, they sacrificed themselves. “New” is not the only persecution. ” The responsible person of the company laughed: “As a veteran of the Guangdong enterprise, the nature of the company is more pragmatic, the work process is relatively stable. It turns into a centenary shop, innovations must be made, but be innovative in terms of characteristics. ”

The root of innovation lies in talent. This is especially true for high-tech companies. Several companies that visited this time, said that in the high-tech industry there is a frequent turnover of talents, and the preservation of talent is a key issue for enterprises.

Zhonglin, chairman of Tongyu Communications, said the company has several subsidiaries abroad. How to positively encourage foreign talents is an important issue that the company is currently considering.

Oubit, which makes aerospace electronic chips, also expressed concern about the brain drain: “The company is a technologically rich company with a high dependence on technical talent in related fields. The loss of technical specialists will directly affect the company's main competitiveness. ” Quanzhi Technology of the civilian chip industry also told reporters that while constantly expanding the company's business in the face of a dual challenge, is upgrading the existing talent team and introducing high-quality talents in technical research and development, market and other business levels. Rapidly the demand for talents is strong, which also leads to an increase in the level of staff compensation, which puts pressure on the company's profits.


Tax cuts


Optimization of the technological corporate environment

In recent years, the high-tech industry has been supported and encouraged by appropriate national policies. This is a strategic new industry, supported by key policies. The political environment is more conducive to the development of enterprises.

Killed noted that in recent years, the state has advocated tax cuts and lower rates, and also introduced a new method of tax cuts for the “camp reform”, which really reduced taxes. The effect of the fee reduces the tax burden on the company. On September 20, 2018, the State Administration of Taxes issued a “Notice of further work to reduce and reduce taxes in order to better serve economic and social development”, which will contribute to the further development of corporate tax cuts and lower fees, as well as promote the development of enterprises. meaning. Taking into account the interests of the state and local authorities and the promotion of policy, the company received dividends from "tax cuts and reduced fees", which allowed to increase investment in new projects, effectively transform the results of high technology and research into productivity and help the company. Every business segment is healthy and growing fast.

In order to realize the reduction of the tax burden of high-performance industrial enterprises, various localities have also introduced a policy of support for their “red envelopes”. For example, Zhuhai recently introduced "The New Ten Articles of the Real Economy of Zhuhai" and provided practical support to technology enterprises. If scientific and technical enterprises are not able to repay bank loans in a timely manner, they will receive a maximum of 2 million yuan in one year. At the same time, optimize the ancillary services of the industrial park to provide convenient services, such as public transport and housing for the staff of industrial enterprises in the park.

Quanzhi Technology in Zhuhai said that thanks to government support and continuous investment in research and development over the years, the company has achieved a breakthrough in many directions, and some technical advances have landed in released product applications. To allow private enterprises to “invest and invest” in R & D and innovation, they need to further increase their support. On the other hand, they encourage enterprises to invest in R & D through policies that encourage R & D investments, for example, through tax breaks and project financing. Give R & D support, on the other hand, increase the protection of intellectual property rights and protect your R & D investment.

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