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Talking about vaccine control, private economy, provincial two sessions respond to social hot spots _ risk

Original title: talk about vaccine control, private sector, provincial two sessions, response to social hot spots Beijing, Jan. 30 (Lenyan) In addition to Shandong Province, two other provinces opened two sessions reviewing government reports on 30 provinces this year, such as the private economy, poverty alleviation, prevention and resolution, Risks, etc. D. Localized in response to a number of hot social topics, intensive dissemination of political signals.

The picture shows the opening of the second meeting of the Fifth National Congress of Chongqing. Chen Chao

Speaking of private economy

—— Zhejiang and Chongqing require legal protection of the personal and property security of entrepreneurs

For some time the development of the private economy has been a hot topic of social concern. At the provincial and local conferences of this year, how to solve problems for the private economy were the focus of many reports on the work of the government.

The report on the work of the government of Zhejiang, a province with a large private economy, in the first article of the target mission of 2019 and key work spoke about the private economy.

Zhejiang offered to fully implement policies to support the quality development of the private economy. Full implementation of 31 private farms. Implement a “white list” system for enterprises to help quantify the list of demand for bonds issued by private enterprises, a list of assistance companies listed for assistance, and a list of assistance for complex enterprises. Implementation of the microenterprise credit aeration program and the financial services drip irrigation project. Protect the personal and property security of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law.

In Chongqing, the private economy is also the focus of government work reports. The government report on Chongqing says that it set the goal of “125” on loans to private enterprises from state regulators, created a rescue fund for private enterprises at the first stage at 10 billion yuan, and increased the emergency revolving fund for loans to 2 billion yuan.

In addition, Chongqing also mentioned establishing a new type of political and business relations, protecting the personal and property security of entrepreneurs, encouraging entrepreneurship and allowing private entrepreneurs to grow and move to a broader stage.

The second meeting of the 13th Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s Congress opened in Nanning. Chinese news agency reporter Yu Jing photo

Speaking of preventing and mitigating major risks

– In these provinces are mentioned risk points, such as stocks, pensions and P2P

On January 21, leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels adhered to practical considerations to prevent and eliminate major risks. A special seminar was held at the Central Party School. A workshop held during two local sessions also drew attention to how to deploy anti-risk this year.

This year, the government report on Guangxi said that we should take a practical approach, raise risk awareness, improve risk resolution and focus on preventing major risks such as politics, economics, ideology, society, foreign affairs, border security and natural disasters. ,

Shaanxi is more specific. The province offered to lay a good job of preventing and eliminating major risks. Implement a public system of negative debt lists, a system of lifelong debt collection and a debt investigation mechanism to ensure the orderly reduction of provincial implicit debts. Create a platform for illegal financial monitoring and early warning. Effectively prevent and control risks in real estate.

In addition, Jilin, located in the northeast of the country, specifically mentioned stocks, pensions, P2P and other social issues.

The province proposes to resolutely fight financial crime, resolutely control financial chaos and improve management mechanisms. Resolutely correct the risk points of social unrest, default on corporate credit bonds, collateral, and lending to the P2P network. An orderly solution of shadow banking risks. Increase the risk of preventing and controlling pensions. Safely handle local debt risks.

Data card. Zhang Lang

Talking about poverty reduction

—— Enumeration of hard poverty reduction missions

In the decisive year of the comprehensive construction of a prosperous society, appropriate measures to get rid of poverty in all parts of the country deserve attention.

In August 2018, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council issued a guide on a three-year campaign to combat poverty. The opinions are clear: by 2020, ensure that the rural poor, in accordance with current standards, achieve poverty reduction and eliminate absolute poverty, ensure that all poor districts are removed and regional poverty is resolved.

In this regard, in the report on the work of the government this year, many places will see the fight against poverty as an important focus of this year’s work.

For example, Tibet proposed to adhere to the existing standards for combating poverty and introduce the most rigorous assessment and evaluation system to ensure that all 150,000 poor people are brought out of poverty and 19 poor districts are removed. Absolute poverty is practically excluded in the region. Heilongjiang also proposed to solve the remaining problems associated with the “two guarantees and three guarantees”, introduce measures to ensure guarantees at the bottom and implement measures to reduce the level of poverty for 90,000 rural poor.

The government report on work in Guizhou says that in 2019 we must decisively win the main battle in the decisive battle for poverty, deepen the rural industrial revolution, continue to lay a solid foundation for fighting poverty and resettlement and continue to lay a solid foundation for hard work and the "three guarantees". Poverty reduction resources will focus on areas deeply affected by poverty, will generally use all parties to help resources, secure investment in poverty reduction, strengthen the link between poverty reduction and the revival of rural areas, and lay a solid foundation for completely removing the mark of poverty.

Data card: Vaccine transport. Chinese news agency reporter Liu Yuyang photo

Talking about social issues

—— Shaanxi referred to the progress of the rectification of the illegal construction of Qinling

The reporter found that in response to the hot events that had caused widespread concern over the past year, the relevant government reports of the respective provinces had responded.

For example, in January of this year, the film “Capture at the End” is the beginning and end of the illegal construction and reinstatement of Qinling, exposing the process of illegal construction of villas in Qinling, which is a matter of social concern.

The report on the work of the provincial government of Shaanxi mentioned that the problem of illegal construction of a villa in Xi'an in the Qingling mountains was completely and completely eliminated, 1,185 illegal villas were demolished, 9 buildings were confiscated, 4,557 million state lands were returned, 3,257 million collective lands returned and 2,646 million. Greens were returned. In order to promote the comprehensive correction of cities involved in the Qinling Mountains, to consciously receive education and vigilance and to learn deep lessons, they are seriously conducting special training on “speaking policy, dare to take responsibility and change their style”.

A report on the government’s work this year in Jilin Province refers to the Changchun-Changshen vaccine incident, which shocked public opinion.

The report mentioned that the lessons learned from the Changchun Changsheng vaccine case were deeply learned, and government oversight was comprehensively strengthened. The provincial government issued Opinions on Strengthening State Supervision, and each responsible oversight department issued 35 regulatory rules to form a 1 + 35 oversight system.

In addition to Jilin, the government report on the work of Jiangsu also proposed implementing a project to ensure the quality and safety of vaccine production, to pay close attention to the work on food and drug safety, and to resolutely adhere to the outcome of public safety. (End)Go back to Sohu and see more.

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