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Suspected plagiarism? Huang Xiaoming starred in the movie "Fire Hero" – prosecuted – Cinema – cnBeta.COM

In a film featuring Chen Guohui, Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang, and other stars, the movie Fire Hero, which was sold in the summer, won more than 1.6 billion box office receipts, but the film recently sparked a lawsuit. On November 10, the official Weibo of the Beijing Haidian Court released a case report in which the plaintiff Li Mumu stated that the film “Hero of Fire” expresses a large number of plagiarism and plagiarism of his original work “Flamingo” in various aspects. Eight product companies filed a lawsuit.

The order ordered the immediate publication of the film “Hero of Fire”, a written statement was issued with a public apology and compensation for economic damage of 3 million yuan. A few days ago, the court accepted the case, and the case is under further investigation.

The plaintiff, Lee Mumu, claimed that in 2018, his original original Flamingo novel, which was written to show the work and life of real firefighters, was serialized online. In July 2019, in accordance with the agreement of the Cultural Development Press, the long novel “Sound of Silence” was officially published. In August 2019, the film “Heroes of Fire” was shown at the theater. After comparison, the film “Hero of Fire” expressed a lot of content against the background of the story, relations between the characters, the main plot, special details, arrangement of the finale, etc. Plagiarism, plagiarism of the plaintiff's work “Flamingo”.

The plaintiff, Li Mumu, believes the film “Hero of Fire”, published by eight companies, including Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and Bona Film Group Co., Ltd., caused plagiarism and plagiarism of his works, seriously infringing on the rights to works and works. The right of authorship receives copyright, such as rights to remuneration. Therefore, he went to court and demanded that eight companies immediately cease publishing the film “Hero of Fire”, a written statement approved by the national media or the court to apologize to the public and compensate for the 3 million yuan economic damage.

It is reported that in the film “Heroes of the Fire” on posters and positives, everything is explicitly mentioned that the film was adapted from the long-formed waters of the Balgian wilderness, the report “The Deepest Water is Tears,” the film “Dalian 7-16, 2010, an explosion oil fire "" For the prototype of this story, the process of saving this fire is called "a miracle in the history of the fire in the world." Currently, the film “Hero of Fire” has not yet answered this question.

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