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Super strong composition of Lin Junjie Dan Zi Tsai Ilin Qin Hao et al.

In a few days, the year 2019 will come. Six Chinese "David", Beijing, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, "East" and "Sichuan satellite television" are actively preparing for the annual New Year's show. In addition to defining the theme, it is more important to invite China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Horses, even Japanese and Korean superstars help out, you need to attack the most powerful composition to capture the eyes of fans and look for the best ratings.

This year, watching David’s New Year’s show, Hunan’s satellite television is the most popular, and the lineup is also the most powerful. In addition to the program held at the Guangzhou International Sports Sports Center, it will also be broadcast live and others will be shown in He Wei and Wang Junkai. Zhu Yilong, Feng Shaofeng, Qin Yu, Jin Zhiwen, Tang Weiwei, Luo Zhixiang, Xu Jiying, Wang Dongcheng, Tian Hao, Wu Qingfeng, Han Hong, etc.

hebe_Small.jpg "src =" "/><figcaption>Tian Wei (Internet)</figcaption></figure><p>Zhejiang satellite TV can not lose naturally, and will run two games in a row. Since the opening of the New Year's concert "Presenter" two years ago, the station has received good attention. It is expected that this year’s New Year’s concert will still begin with the “lead party”, first the 30th “Lead 2019” in front of other televisions. Next year, on the 31st, the Ideas of the Year continues.</p><section id=
cai_yi_lin__Small.jpg "src =" "/><figcaption>Jolene Tsai (Internet)</figcaption></figure><p>Two New Year's shows in Zhejiang, the line-up is also very attractive, including Deng Chao, Angelababy, Lu Yi, Ouyang Nana, Wu Yifan, Zhang Ziyi, Lin Junjie, Wu Xiaobo, Deng Ziqi, S.H.E., Gemini, Jolin Tsai, Liang Jingru and so on.</p><h3>Beijing satellite TV can not be ignored. Jiangsu Satellite TV deals with the plaque.</h3><p>Beijing satellite television staff (BTV) is also very strong, Jiangsu satellite television has been attacked with a concert.</p><p>This year, BTV will hold a New Year show with Heilongjiang satellite TV and Hebei satellite TV, which will be called the 2019 World New Year Ice and Snow Festival, with the theme “The End of the World, New Head of Ice and Snow” at the Ice and Snow Festival, based on winter Olympic Games passing through elements of ice and snow. And choose a lot of real scenes, break the setting of one scene and approach the audience.</p><figure class=Zhang_hui_mei_jiang_zai_tai_bei_kua_nian_wan_hui_jing_ge_re_wu _.__ Small.jpg "src ="<figcaption>Zhang Huimei (Internet)</figcaption></figure><p>As for the composition, Wang Feng, Cui Jian, Zhang Zhenyue, Powertrain, Zhang Huimei, Di Ma Xi, Zhang Xinjie, etc. Also invited the famous Thai artist Mike and the Japanese Hanazawa.</p><p>Jiangsu satellite television will focus on the power of singing, turning the New Year's show into a concert style, so the artists invited to the station include Zhou Hujian, Zhang Jie and Zhang Yuing.</p><figure class=zhou_hua_jian_1_Small.jpg "src =" "/><figcaption>Zhou Huajian (Internet)</figcaption></figure><p>With regard to Eastern television and satellite television Sichuan, the composition is relatively weak, but Eastern television is more impressive. There are “Zhejiang raiders”, Wu Jinyan and Non Yuan, and Sichuan satellite television is only Liang Qiqi and Rong Zuer.</p><h3>Where to looking for?</h3><p><strong>★ "Concert Happy Chinese New Year 2018-2019"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Hunan Satellite TV</p><p><strong>★ "Lead 2019 loves you still at a satellite TV concert in Zhejiang"</strong></p><p>Date: December 30</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Zhejiang Satellite TV</p><p><strong>★ Concert "Thoughts in a year"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Zhejiang Satellite TV</p><p><strong>★ "Light up a happy New Year's Eve Wrestling Concert 2019"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time 7:30</p><p>Platform: Jiangsu Satellite TV</p><p><strong>★ "Love you 19 hugs 2019 Dream Round Oriental New Year's Festival"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Dragon TV</p><p><strong>★ "New Year's Concert 2019"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Sichuan Satellite TV</p><p><strong>★ "New Year's Global Ice and Snow Festival 2019"</strong></p><p>Date: December 31</p><p>Time: 19:30</p><p>Platform: Beijing Satellite TV, Heilongjiang Satellite TV, Hebei Satellite TV</p><p>Morning Post, subscribe to news, even more exciting, waiting for you!</p><div class=
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