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"Singer" exposure in the 2019 lineup: pressure Qi Yu, Yang Kun self-irradiation to lose – Xianning Net

Original title: "Singer" exposure in the 2019 lineup: Qi Yu pressure big Yang Kun loss of self-cover

BEIJING, Beijing, December 26th. A reporter found out from Hunan’s satellite television that the popular 2019 Singer program will be broadcast every Friday evening at 11:00 am on January 11, 2019.

On 26th, the first press conference on the show took place in Beijing: first singers Liu Huan, Qi Yu, Yang Kun, Wu Qingfeng, escape plan, Zhang Xin took the lead, and the seventh starter was temporarily mysterious.

"Singer" exposition of 2019

"Singer" exposition of 2019

At the press conference, the singers shared the origin of their musical roads. Liu Juan said bluntly: “We used to whistle while studying music.” Yang Kun and the escape plan stated that they were “halfway” and fought for a “debut” performance. Fees, "competition" between five yuan and fifty pieces led to constant laughter in place.

Speaking of preparing for this connection, Qi Yu took the initiative to evoke a “very stressful” feeling, but, as a senior singer, she also said that she was not afraid of the weirdness of a young audience. Humor said: “They don't know about young fans. This situation, I am very familiar with myself. Then, when I'm new, I'll sing my “new song” to everyone. ”

Liu Juan said that in fact he was a “free cloud crane”, and this time he was “deceived” and did not answer. Yang Kun claimed he suffered from insomnia because he was afraid of losing. The escape plan was a direct statement: “To run away for us is a plan, but it will not be a pity not to come.”

In addition, the seventh starter singer did not appear at the press conference, but still attracted a lot of attention.

At the press conference, the new seasonal system was officially announced, and the scale of change was "the highest in seven years." According to Hong Xiao, producer of Hong Xiao Studio, the Singer production team in 2019, the mechanism of launching and voting is at the center of attention of this game reform.

First of all, the starting pass of this season will be fully launched. The singer can self-recommend and vote online to become a “popular foot singer,” and a “mysterious foot singer” recommended by the expert group will stand up to the trial, and 500 participants will choose the form of the stage match. Decide who will be officially kicked out. This means that the audience will become the “general director of the whole nation” and will play a decisive role in the selection of players.

Liu Huang (right)

Liu Huang (right)

The initial registration channel will be officially opened at 12:00 on December 27. The first round of registration will be called 72 hours. This step demonstrates the determination of the program group to actively absorb outstanding singers of the new generation, as well as enhancing the sense of audience participation, allowing viewers to choose singers and music they want to see and hear, bringing more colors to the stage.

Secondly, the method of voting at public hearings and the method of counting points of the singer are different. In each competition for public hearings, 3 tickets and 3 tickets can be played, the first of which can be played to a singer at any time during the entire performance, representing the most emotional audience at the moment. Immediate response: the latter must be played after all concerts end, representing a general assessment of the entire competition on behalf of the public. As a result, the sum of the two is the performance of the singer on the spot.

In addition, Liu Juan spoke for the first time at a press conference, and together with Mango TV and the Mango V Foundation officially announced the Liu Juan Foundation for Original Music. He said that since 2020, every year on January 11, Liu Juan's “Original Music” Foundation will award 1 million yuan to reward China’s “original music star” to encourage the development of Chinese original music. (End)

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