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Read the "Knowledge" wigs have little effect on the value of Zhao Liying – worry-free information

Earlier, I said that at the end of the year entertainment stars were rushing to the performance, and I did not expect the film industry to admit defeat. Since the “Great Rivers and Rivers” achieved good results, another big drama in the field of IP began at noon. Yes, everyone is looking forward to "I know if he should be green, fat and thin."

The show took place on the evening of the 25th Christmas, until four episodes were played yesterday, and the current ratings are quite good.

This is Zhao Liying's second big drama this year, and this is still the first show after marrying Feng Shaofeng. According to this rating, Zhao Liying will be the queen of the ratings this year.

A total of 73 episodes of "Knowledge" (do not be afraid not to be afraid, Xiao Xiao also believes that this episode is a bit scary), and is currently being updated only until the fourth episode. Let's first come along with the little one to understand the product.

“Knowledge” is a novel of the same name, adapted to the chaos of anxiety. The original novel about court clerk Yao Yiii, who went through a landslide and became the sixth Miss Sheng Minlan, born in Shengfu. After passing through ancient times, Yao Yiii (also known as the dramatic version of Sheng Minglan) was initially negative, but under the pressure of everyone, Yao Yiyi finally began to stand up.

The novel "Knowledge" is especially popular among readers and has always been considered a classic of the land industry.

In ancient times, there was a palace here, village battles and factory battles take place in the Dajiang River, “Knowledge” came to the house, it seems that everyone is very interested in “fighting”.

The dramatic version of "Knowledge" eliminates the element of crossing and directly tells the story of Sheng Minglan. He tells the story of growth, love and marriage through the bureaucratic family girl Minglan. Shen Minlan was transformed into a struggle legend for inspiring women in a family home, in accordance with the ancient ethical system, which roughly corresponds to the main plot of the novel.

The first episode began from the time when Ming Lang was a child, her mother Wei Xiaonian was three-bedroom, and her position in the family was the lowest. Even a coal block burned in the winter will be subtracted.

Although the wife of the big house Wang Da Niangji has the highest status in the family, in the second room, Lin Xiao Niang has the deepest heart, and she deeply loves the master, and the key from the card is also in her hands. A fire on coals in three rooms and food is a subtraction from two rooms, but Wei Xiaonian knows about the dangers of the house and always refuses to say it. Even if she is pregnant, she will try her best to do nothing.

I did not expect that the coal block, to which I wanted to come, was not for heating. To make everyone feel comfortable, Wei Xiaonian decided to take her dowry and take it off. Xiao Minglan refused to be killed and offered to use these coal blocks for cooking to exchange them for fire.

It can be noted that at that time, even if she were married to a rich family and pregnant, they would not have treated her unfairly.

That same day, Yuan Jiata, Count of Tokyo Zhongqing, came to hire Shenlan, the eldest daughter of Hualan, but Count Yuan Jia's couple did not personally come to Yangzhou for recruitment, but only sent their eldest son Yuan Wenchun.

Everyone is looking at a boy who knows the circle: this is Gu Tin-yu (that is, when Feng Shaofeng plays as a child), and he suddenly thinks he is Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun.

All right, let's get down to business and let me know what to do.

Scorpion singer Shengjia Changfeng does not know, and a white scorpion is more likely to lose a dowry than a charmer.

Suddenly, Minglan mastered the pot and stood up. He conquered the day and saved the groom for his sister.

Later, when Ming Lan sent something to his father, he implored his father to look at Wei Xiaonian.

Later, Sheng went to visit Wei Xiaonian, expecting Wei Xiaonian to be a little cold in the house, Wei Xiaonian began to persuade him to return to the house, trying to avoid a shortage of coal in the house. However, Minglan was very upset about her mother, and she cried to her father and said that there was no charcoal in the house.

Then Ming Lan told Sheng Sheng that they were detained yesterday.

Ming Lan also told Sheng Sheng that food was often not enough, but Wei Xiaonian was hiding her own position.

Sheng Hao immediately went to the interrogation of Lin Xiaonian, and Lin Xiaonian claimed that she never detained Wei Xiaonian.

Lin Xiaonian, who is next to Lin Xiaonian, also said that she would use her own money to give her two or two bird nests every month to take care of Wei Xiaonian.

Insults Lin Xiaonian, little understanding, almost everyone believes.

Therefore, Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation and found that the subtracted examples were hidden in the room of the personal maid Lin Xiaonian Xiaodi.

Wei Xiaonian spoke for Xiaodi, but Shenyu did not believe that Wei Xiaonian knew that someone deliberately framed him, and could only ask that Sheng and Wang stay in Xiaodi. Sheng Sheng did not want to make things big, he took Xiaodie.

Suddenly, when the case of the Sheng family was not decided, it suddenly became known that Sheng Changbai was beaten.

Sheng Sheng told an official that Yuan Wenchun saw adults and asked to find the missing white, because he is the second son of Ningyuan Khufu in Tokyo, Gu Tinyi, for convenience on the road changed his name to Bailu!

When the adults heard this name, they became alarmed. They immediately closed the city. Even if they turned Yangzhou upside down, they would have found Gu Tingyu!

Lin Xiaonian was scared and asked the doctor to come. She also asked the doctor to look at the defending lady. If she has something wrong with her, she will tell her that she will not be afraid to frighten the guardian.

Lin Xiaonian makes two more scorpions, Wei Niangzi, to send the past, saying that she went to Wei Xiaonian, where she is, and she cannot have three or four, the master and the servant are watching, but they all understand each other's meaning.

This house is not lost to the palace, and I feel more and more exciting.

The next day, large-scale searches and arrests began in Yangzhou City, but they didn’t see half of Gu Tinyi’s hair. Soon after, I discovered Gu Tingsey's body, saying that he had been distinguished for a long time, but there was a sign in it, and he fought under water.

On the day of the White House's death, Gu Ting took off his sacking from burlap and found out with his grandfather, the white grandfather, that he had transferred the family to his own hands.

Bait had previously insisted that the white old man made him the successor, and both sides claimed that two adults had to get a personal letter from Bai Laotai and Gu Tingjun to identify themselves with the letter.

After Gu Tingzhuo continued to carry out a letter in which the deceased mother accused Baiting of pre-emptive assault on family property. Several people had already been removed from their ancestry, and everyone recognized Gu Tingjun's identity.

Both Mrs. Sheng and Sheng Sheng were absent, Wei Xiaonian always wanted to let Ming Lang go to the elderly woman to serve, but Ming Lan didn’t want to leave Nyanga, they had differences, and Wei Xiaonian suddenly became angry. I must be born.

Lin Xiaonian received the news and hurried. Minglan hurried and turned around. The midwife was a bit troublesome. She really found a reason to temporarily escape. Ming Lan personally ran out to find Langzhong.

I ran along the road and met Gu Tingyu, who was on the road. After Gu Tinyu found out about this, he immediately took the fast horse, Minglan, and went in search of Lanzhong.

After many difficulties, I finally asked Langzhong. As a result, no one answered the Sheng family. Gu Tingyu untied the rope and climbed into the yard. This led Langzhong to Wei Niangji.

Lin Xiaonian was shocked: despite the cry of guardian Xiao Niang, she accused both of how to enter the courtyard. Gu Ting was lazy and explained to her, and the little girl was beaten, and Lin Xiaonian was ready to give up.

Lan Zhong told Wei Xiaonian that a child in his mother’s belly killed Wei Xiaonian. Wei Nyan tightly squeezed Sheng Minlan’s hand, allowed her to take Gu Tingjo's embroidered knee pads and left an embroidered picture of Sheng Minlan.

Sheng Minglan’s tears are dry, and the words of A Nan are trembling. Wei Nyan left the last words of Shan Minglan, and everything was the biggest.

In the helpless cry of Sheng Minlan, Wei Xiaonian is still not gone.

Wei Xiaonian's family came, and she was the younger sister of Min Lan, who was thinking about taking Minglan back. However, Sheng Hao categorically refused to send Min Lana.

Later, Sheng Sheng went to Beijing, and Sheng Jia went to the boat, and Gu Tingyu also went to Beijing. Sheng Minglan presented Gu Tingzhu with knee pads, thanking him for his help.

After the boat docked, everyone left the dock and left the dock.

The Sheng family has just arrived at the Beijing home of Jing An. In a few days the school is going to arrive in Beijing. Sheng Hao did not want Sheng Minlan to read, saying that she was still young, and now her mind is disorderly. Mrs. Sheng’s attitude is very solid, so Minglan has to go to school.

Several girls and young masters from the Sheng family went to school and gradually grew to the sound of poems by Chuang Xue.

Finally, finally, finally matured! Finally, the debut of the protagonist

Are you as crazy as you?

Little grandfather Qi Gongun Qi Heng (our teacher finally appeared !!) loves calligraphy and talks with Shen Sheng, several girls in the Sheng family are waiting around the old lady, Min Lan hides away and plays with Xiaotao. Qi Heng could not help but laugh.

Qi Heng heard that Yu Laotai arrived for a short time, and wanted to stay for dinner, but did not want to sneak to him, he wanted to stay and see Minglan.

Hahaha, let's look at the expression on the face of an arrogant teacher, and I really think it's so cute.

Qi Heng just wanted to change his mind, but found that his sweaty towel was lost, so he had to go back and look for him.

Because Qi Han's idea is this: this sweat towel is, after all, a personal matter, and if you don’t find a name for a sermon, you won’t be able to pronounce it in the future. Min Lan is the same as her thought.

So the two of them talked about it during the walk. I did not expect to hear the voice of assistant Yu Suqin on the way to Molan. It turned out that the sweat towel was on Suqin. Shen Minglan sees a clue, fearing that someone throws it up.

Min Lan did not want to go to Suqin to ask for it, so they discussed this with Sheng Changbai. Who knows that I just met Qi Han when I turned back. He had already heard this in the past, and Qi Heng said that he would remain in captivity.

I know how to see it here. I want to say that the speed of the chase of our teacher is slightly higher. I'm scared to see Minglan, and I'm hiding behind.

Min Lan always wrote bad words, so it was left by Chuang Xue. Ming Lan pleaded for copying the books because he could not benefit for days. Zhuang Xuyang asked her to copy the theory of salt iron. After three days she turned to face, Minglan listened to her face and took a good dish to invite her to spend more.

On the way back to the house, Minglan had a headache for copying the books, and Qi Heng found an opportunity to stop her and always wanted to be with her. However, Min Lan always deliberately pushed him away and refused to let Qi Han help her copy the book.

Qi Heng brought some fruits to Sheng Minglan, Shen Minglan and Xiao Tao always retreated. Qi Han had to put fruit and a good pen in Ming Lang’s hands and leave quickly.

Currently, Gu Tinyuy (Feng Shaofeng), after growing up, flared just a few seconds. Little understands that you can no longer exit, but we are going to remove Minglan.

As for the current plot, Xiaojian still feels very good playing online, but it’s hard to say if he will go out in the future.

This drama was not shown in the first place, why is everyone waiting so? Little understands to give you a few highlights.

1. Lin Xiaonian and Van Dai fight with each other to become a bright event and laughter throughout the drama.

The power of Lin Xiaonian is an interpretation of “green tea”, all kinds of spoiled.

The game of Lin Xiaonian, you know it, and the expression of the big lady is exactly the same.

Some netizens have made out their minds and minds, and I understand how to share them with you. It perfectly interprets the pictures that women hate, and men love: when men are charming, men look at them, and women only want to vomit.

When you cry, a man will be bad, and a woman does not like and hate.

When they shouted each other sweetly, the big lady sat on her hands, but her heart was in the sky.

When Yu Lin Xiao Niang was a big woman, Sheng Sheng was upset and thought, “Oh, this woman is really enough. Audience: A cry for miraculous tricks.

The big lady is very hard and wants to sprinkle a little, but Grandpa feels like a ghost.

When the big lady did something, Sheng Sheng felt that she was stupid, but the audience felt that she was doing a good job.

Hahaha, the competition of these three people is really the highlight and the laughter of the whole drama. Few people realize that the big lady is really too real, especially as the wife who tears the little three in reality is so domineering.

2. Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng married couples collaborate, pay society and fall in love

This drama is really the first show after their marriage. Although Feng Shaofeng has not yet debuted completely, he will be especially sweet after.

Not only the love of the show and interviews from the media, but also the sweetness of the two. A reporter asked if they were attracted to each other, Feng Shaafeng looked happy and replied that he was on the side of Zhao Liying. It will be more sustainable.

Uh, this is really not seen. Besides the fact that you fell in love with two games, you even killed a dog outside of the game.

I do not know what the public interest of two people will bring to everyone in the drama, or a little waiting for it.

3. The midday drama is well done and the scene is mostly restored.

In the midday sun, everyone should know everything. What are “琅琊 榜”, “Challenger”, “Parental Love”, etc., and many works with high marks, especially they are also called “the design team at noon”, because every scene is restored, the scenes in the book are restored as much as possible.

The composition of the play, the central single, the gradual group image, the square and the symmetrical house, even the besieged image, radiate with a sense of depth, featuring the Big Bang. One conclusion.

In addition, to fully restore the ancient times, the lights used in the night shooting were replaced by candles at noon.

This is really awesome. Viewers no longer need to worry about passing, or the team no longer needs to wear them.

As a team of finishing works with the name of expenses, in addition to the villas that will build the "applicant", the village will be built into the "big river", and even our fields will be changed to their own views.


They say that there is a scene in which you need to shoot wheat seedlings, but the art group cannot find wheat seedlings, and they planted amaranth, similar to young wheat seedlings. As a result, the director is not satisfied and finds a master who has experience and knows how to farm the land, and leads everyone to grow wheat and other wheat seedlings. We grow, we cross the border in a wheat field.

My Scorpio, I understand that I just want to ask if there is a job that you will not do at noon? In the future, the crew of the team will not be included in the group, and they can earn a fortune by relying on this craft.

In addition to the restoration of the scene, then the director also adopted a method of filming in a dramatic style, half of the complete set of mirrors in the end, everywhere it is true, the actors are full of pressure.

Fen Shaofen said: “The first scene that I shot in the group was that I was with the dragon. We did not know anyone. Then the scene was special, like the guns. The lines were especially long. For this scene, I am back for three days. "

Three days … I do not know how to remember the text when I was a child. It is so long that I can finish it. Actor is not easy.

Among them, Liu Wei, who plays Sheng Sheng, said at a press conference: “(Imagine) I think I was beaten, my eldest daughter didn’t play, the eldest daughter didn’t come today, everyone else was beaten by me, and We really started from start ".

Playing for Wang Renjun, Sheng Changbai also said: “This is a very long“ family baguette ”that looks like a golf club, then the head is made of iron, it is bent, and, finally, the bent“ house ”Bach“ straightened out ”.

I have a day, it can be a bit exaggerated duck.

In short, this drama was given a lot of attention before its broadcast, and after the broadcast it was received continuously. You can also see that the whole drama is well done and the group of directors made great efforts.

Nevertheless, I still want to spit on small moments, because watching the drama will spit out, and it will be more interesting to watch.

At first, few people understand, to give everyone a few big points so that everyone does not step on the thunder.

Хотя картина всей пьесы выглядит особенно элегантно, все также говорили, что она соответствует сцене в книге. Но у Сяочжи есть рвота, почему сервисная группа не дает Чжао Лиину лучшего результата?

Этот парик челки может быть подделан снова?

Где сервисная группа купила его, вы выходите, я обещаю не убивать вас.

Там тоже вся история слишком медленная, до сих пор транслировались четыре эпизода, появился четвертый эпизод главного героя, всего более 60 эпизодов, мой Скорпион, это зависит от года ~

Хотя первые три эпизода были маленькими и понятными маленькими актерами в пьесе, я видел взаимодействие между Сяо Минланем и Сяо Гу Тиньи, думающим о стене молотка.

Все виды медитации в сердце: они все еще маленькие, все еще маленькие, не могут думать. Тем не менее, небольшое движение такого темного тычка действительно позволяет маленькой безумной душе зажечь!

Гу Тинью в молодости действительно, каждый шаг на самом деле похож на властного президента, и он всегда делает это первым.

Сделайте аранжировку Сяо Мингланя правильно.

Это властное маленькое понимание не смогло выбраться.

Мальчика, который играет Сяо Гу Тинвэя, зовут Бянь Тяньян, ему всего пятнадцать лет. Вышесказанное мало что понимает, что оно очень похоже на Цзинь Сюсяня, но на самом деле я смотрю на него как на брата из четырех персонажей, И Цянь Цяня.

Посмотрите на эту бровь, это немного похоже?

В заграждении также есть пользователи сети, которые думают, что два человека очень похожи.

Молодой, актерская игра настолько хороша, что будущее кажется безграничным.

В дополнение к ней, Сяо понимают здесь, чтобы поговорить о Сяо Минглан, эта маленькая девочка действительно делает любовь Сяо Сяо несчастной.

Вы все еще помните маленькую луну в «Юэ Юэ Чуань»? Она – актер Лю Чуси.

В этом году ей всего девять лет, она знает, что не может использовать ее для описания своих актерских навыков.

Это выражение разочарования действительно на месте. Особенно сцена, в которой умерла Вэй Сяонян, плачущая сцена Сяо Мингланя, Сяосяо не сдерживалась и плакала вместе с ней.

Многие пользователи сети также говорили, что игра Сяо Минланя была действительно хорошей!

В наши дни маленькие актеры настолько сильны, и им приходится удивляться. Удивленный в то же время, немного обеспокоенный длинной версией Ming Lan и Gu Tingyu в исполнении Zhao Liying и Feng Shaofeng, будут ли они захлопнуты маленькими актерами

Закончив актерскую игру, я снова понимаю сценариста: эта большая драма в области ИС сценарист фактически совершила педиатрическую ошибку.

Ван Тетушка сказала в пьесе, что гостеприимство не хорошее, и что маленькие люди должны помнить, что это должен быть лучший прием.

Маленькая девочка должна заниматься любовью более актуальной.

Сделайте пустого (пи) ребенка в зародыш[pēi]Ребенок.

Хотя это только небольшая ошибка, но в конце концов многие дети будут смотреть телевизионные драмы и учиться. Не допускайте ошибок в обучении детей.

Мало кто понимает, что «Я не знаю» был подвергнут воздействию цветов давным-давно, и начал способствовать предварительному подогреву. Более того, считалось, что это была пропаганда ранней «Новой мечты о красных особняках», когда она была разоблачена.

Все думают, что две части цветов очень похожи на фоновую музыку и звук изображения.

Мало понимает, что два названия вырезаны, но общий стиль немного похож на многое.

Поэтому многие пользователи сети считают, что эта драма станет большим пожаром или будет такой же, как «Новый Красный Дом». Тем не менее, большинство пользователей сети считают, что причина, по которой «Новый Красный Дом» попадает на улицу, заключается в том, что кастинг не выбран.

Что касается этой драмы, вероятность трепетать на улице немного мала, но аудитория не может позволить себе более 70 эпизодов, чтобы увидеть, смогут ли Чжао Лиин и Фэн Шаофэн поддержать ее в будущем.

Закончив актерскую игру и всю драму, я пойму автора «Знаний». Если актеры очень сильны, но, в конце концов, они все еще несут определенную ответственность за автора.

Как вы это говорите? Прежде чем я немного узнал об этом, автор однажды тщательно проанализировал «Сладкий мед» на Weibo, а также подтвердил актерское мастерство Дэн Луна, но сказал, что «актер, который сейчас на рынке, не имеет закулисного». ,

Почему вы говорите это? Причина в том, что она думает, что «Дэн Лунь дебютировал только в течение нескольких лет, но уже есть много партнеров мужского и мужского пола», и ресурсам разнообразия не хватает. Разве это не потому, что за кулисами? Возможно, это ее внутренний монолог.

Однако на самом деле в ее небольших трудах нет критики: вместо этого она говорит, что он «достоин этих ресурсов» и «не делится».

После разговора о Дэн Луне он также упомянул второго мужчину Ло Юньси, который похвалил его за «открытие всей линии, все виды преобразований темперамента без барьеров» и «все за один раз».

В конце концов, автор, который не слишком большой, также прокомментировал битву между ними. Он считает, что причина, по которой две компании разрывают этот путь, заключается в том, что «Ло Юньси играет эту роль».

О, просто хочу сказать, что автор действительно не знает, насколько ужасен розовый круг. Знать, что во время трансляции «Сянми» мужчины, мужчины, два фаната и два фаната из-за таких факторов, как драма, были такими мрачными и темными. Они сделали это замечание на костях этого фестиваля. Сяосяо хотел только сделать ей комплимент.

Так что сразу же появились фанаты Данрена и некоторые драматические порошки, разрывая их «приспособленные к драме для своих собственных романов», «тянуть мужчин», «обдуманное руководство со скрытыми мотивами».

Один из авторов пережил эту тысячу войск и был вынужден опустошить Вейбо и отступить.

Первоначально думал, что это закончилось? Нет, автор ранее прокомментировал Ян Ян. Сначала он сказал, что все обсуждают актерское мастерство Ян Ян, но она думает, что Ян Ян станет вторым Тан Гоцян, но он противоречив. Не привлекает Сяо На, которого играет Ян Ян.

Он начал говорить, что Ян Ян был невысокого роста, а его тело было плохим. Говорят также, что лицо не может идти лицом к лицу, но пропорции тела не хорошо, там действительно нечего делать. Я даже сказал, что Ян Ян сделал много ошибок в грамматике.

Затем он прокомментировал актерское мастерство Ян Янга, сказав, что он не достиг никакого прогресса за последние несколько лет и что он не был удивлен «Незначительным».

Эй, я не могу не приветствовать смелость автора Так что я действительно не знаю страшного розового круга. Когда она поняла Weibo автора, она уже удалила его.

Можно увидеть, насколько ужасным является кибер-насилие. Невозможно оценить, хорошо или плохо кто-то хочет. Однако я понимаю, что замечания автора слишком радикальны. Оценка оценивается, и все по-прежнему приемлемы. Немного некрасиво испытывать слезы фанатов.

Сяо Сяо услышал, прежде чем слушать, как пользователи сети показали, что «начало пропаганды« Я не знаю »не принесло Чжу Илону, результат Чжу Илонга из-за внезапного взрыва, пропаганда также начала воспринимать его движение как одну из главных сил». И спросил "Чжу Yilong не будет кружить на этот раз".

Все в этой драме говорят: «Будет ли он выходить на улицу?» В конце концов, врожденные условия превосходны. Если вы броситесь на улицу, это «шутка».

Все думают, после прочтения этой драмы, есть ли у вас какие-либо мысли и вы хотите продолжать их преследовать?

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