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Morning Post | Apple or the development of R & D folding screen iPhone / 12306 Refusal to leak user information / Next-generation mobile phone Huawei can use Sony 3D

Apple can develop a foldable phone

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent issued by Apple, which shows that Apple can develop a foldable screen.

According to the description of the patent, Apple has invented a coating that, after being applied to an OLED panel (by spraying, soaking, or printing), becomes a protective layer that allows the screen to easily bend and rotate without cracking. Or wear.

Interestingly, the patent scheme is a device that can be folded inside and out, and a folding Samsung phone can only be folded inwards.

12306 Refusal to disclose user information

Yesterday, netizens discovered 12,306 user data, and about 600,000 user accounts were lost, including a total of 4.1 million user data, including name, identification number, mobile phone number, account, login password, and email address.

Subsequently, the railway administration announced on Weibo that there was no leakage of user information on 12306, and reminded passengers to buy tickets through official channels to avoid risks.

Reuters predicts bytebeat is expected to join BAT in China

Reuters recently reported that a private byte bit of $ 75 billion (today's parent parent company) may add some vitality to the Chinese BAT.

Reuters predicts that if the byte jump in 2019 merged with Baidu, the “double B” partnership would become a powerful force or form a new BAT with Alibaba and Tencent.

Harbin travels to complete financing of 4 billion yuan to test the water and wind business

According to an interface news report, informed sources showed that Harbin went to complete a new round of financing, led by Chunhua Capital and Ant Financial, worth about 4 billion yuan.

The Haha travel app shows that the trip owner is dialed. This will be another action after Harbin gets to taxis and private cars, such as the ride and the first car.

Tianjin Market Supervision Department: Quan Jian products exaggerated propaganda problems

Tianjin’s market surveillance department said yesterday that a joint investigation team had been investigating and proving a “quantitative event” over the past 24 hours, and a preliminary check showed that some Tianjin Quanjian products were suspected of exaggerating propaganda problems. In response to other questions, the Joint Investigation Team is still in the process of checking and will promptly inform the public of the results of the investigation.

Chrome users don't like the new user interface, and they want to revert to the old version.

In September, Google introduced a version of Chrome 69, reworking the user interface with rounded tags, new patterns and badges. Google believes that the new design interface is simplified and helps improve performance, but many users still complain that they are not used to it. They want to use the old version of Chrome and want to “go back in time”.

Google engineer Peter Casting (Peter Casting) responded to Reddit that he prefers users to use other browsers than the old version of Chrome. Since the old version has unrepaired vulnerabilities, this can lead to security threats, "as if to refuse vaccination."

Wu Yifan is working with Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise to create a personal brand.

Yesterday, Wu Yifan and Xiaomi Eco-network Enterprise were lucky because I (Beijing) Jewelry Co., Ltd. announced the founding of a fashion brand A.C.E. (Evolution Accessory Culture Evolution).

A.C.E. Official certification of the company Weibo – Tianjin Xingyun Culture Development Co., Ltd. According to, fortunately, if I signed up for a capital contribution of 550,000 yuan, which is 55% of the shares, Wu Yifan invested 450,000 yuan, which is 45% of the shares, and served as director, CEO and creative director brand in the company. According to industry and commerce, this is the only company in which Wu Yifan is currently directly involved.

The X-Men, Fantastic Four Return to Marvel, are developing similar films next year.

After Disney’s 21th Century Fox film purchase is completed, the X-Men and Magic 4 roles will return to Marvel.

Kevin Fage, the owner of Marvel Studios, recently announced that it is temporarily unknown when these characters will join the Marvel universe, but will start developing films for them next year.

Sony 3D mass production camera chip next year

Head of the sensor unit Sony Yoshihara recently announced that he is increasing production of next-generation 3D sensor chips. These chips will be used in advanced 3D cameras from a number of smartphone manufacturers in 2019, and Sony will begin mass production to meet demand at the end of summer.

Currently, Sony controls about half of the camera chip market and supplies customers such as Apple, Alphabet and Samsung Electronics. According to someone familiar with this issue, Huawei will use Sony's next-generation 3D camera.

LG launches "speaker" that supports Dolby Atmos and Google Voice Assistant

As foreign media reports Engadget, recently LG launched three new "bar dynamics", which are mainly distinguished by sound quality and intelligence. It is clear that these three linear dynamics LG cooperate with the British audio brand Meridian Audio, support Dolby Atoms, DTS: X and integrate into it Google Assistant.

Next year, Samsung Smart TV will support input devices such as keyboards and mice.

According to the foreign media The Verge, Samsung recently announced a new feature for the Smart TV 2019 product – “Remote Access”, which does not require connection via an HDMI cable. Remote access allows users to directly control devices connected to the TV using a mouse and keyboard.

According to the introduction, remote access supports connected devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

sand cup

The foundry has recently developed a material that turns sand into a moldable medium. The grill can be turned into various functional products, such as sandy coffee cups.

Inspired by the local environment in Dubai, designers explored sandstone resources in the UAE and hoped to use sand for renewable products. They combined the visual, tactile and thermal properties of sand with the casting of ceramics and finally got this gorgeous coffee cup for $ 1,220.

Touch screen mobile phone makes kids smarter?

The latest BBC documentary Child: The Magic World conducted a series of tests for children aged 0 to 2 years old and found that electronic products have a positive effect on children. Tests such as building blocks have shown that children who often touch the touch screen are more flexible than children of the same age who do not touch the touch screen.

However, netizens stated that giving children too much contact with electronic products or concern about “double-edged swords,” “hand movements are more flexible, but vision is even worse” and “more touch screens, and children will be very addicted.” .. "I feel it is better to let the children build the building blocks than to play a mobile phone."

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