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Looking back at the six-year development of Hammer technology, the road has never been flat – Smartisan Hammer Technology

In winter, Beijing is particularly cold this winter, and it seems that the technology of the Luo Yunhao hammer is even colder. Although Hammer technology has often experienced a crisis before, this time is perhaps the most serious.Looking back at the development of the hammer, it was never flat.

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彪悍 life

Speaking about the technology of hammers, I must say that Luo Yunhao, a man from Yanbyan, Jilin, dropped out of school in the second year of high school. After Luo Yunhao dropped out of school, he went into business, like selling used books and reselling private cars. Later, due to economic pressure, I decided to go to an English educational institution as a lecturer and study English diligently. Drawing on his own cover letter to Yu Minhon, he began his teaching career in the New East in 2001. With a humorous style and highly idealistic character, he is very popular with students. "Old quotes Lo" also popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River, Lao Lo was the first generation of "pure red." After leaving 2006 and leaving New Oriental, he founded Niubo. In 2008 he founded an English school. In 2009, he opened the tour speech "My Struggle". In 2010, he published the inspiration autobiography “My Struggle”. In the same year he was in the Haidian Theater in Beijing. He gave a speech on the entrepreneurial history of his school “History of Idealist Entrepreneurship”, which had widespread implications. In 2011, the refrigerator was protected at the Siemens headquarters in Beijing, and in early 2012, he asked a question to Fan Chouzi's Family Foundation and began to fight … Even before doing mobile phone, Lao Luo had enough life. Of course, the most unexpected thing is that this man, who did not have good relations with the mobile phone industry, launched a mobile phone, and although many of his friends advised him not to do this, he strongly joined this industry.


Looking back at Hammer’s six-year development path, the basics have never been flat. At the end of 2011, Luo Yunhao was invited to meet with Lei Jun at Xiaomi headquarters. Luo Yunhao hoped to only collaborate with Xiaomi, but found that some of his ideas and Lei Jun were different, and Meng Meng made his own idea of ​​making a mobile phone. Hammer technology was officially established in May 2012, and at that time, thanks to its own attribute of the Luo Yunhao stream, much attention was paid to it. In early 2012, funding for the round angel was received by the 10 millionth founder of Tang Mo, a company valuation. 50 million In 2013, he won 70 million Rounds of funding. At that time, only Smartisan OS, which is still not ready, was based on the Android deep tuning system.

In 2014, Hammer first received funding in the amount of $ 180 million, and in May of the same year released its first Smartisan T1 smartphone. After the press conference attracted much attention, industrial design was also very attractive, but the problems of high prices, low profitability and insufficient capacity made its market performance not very good, and the heat gradually disappeared. One of the reasons for the lack of production is that the hammer is still a small manufacturer, large manufacturers still dominate in the foundry, so T1’s production capacity is difficult to maintain and the lack of production is partly due to the fact that the foundry does not that the requirements for Lao Luo’s own production technology are too high, and it is difficult for a foundry to satisfy its requirements. Despite significant price reductions, its overall market performance is still unattainable, and this makes the next round of financing Hammer even more relevant.

Another important thing that happened in 2104 is the outbreak of war between Luo Yunhao and Wang Ziru. In the end, Luo Yunhao was fledgling. Therefore, before the official release of the product at that time, he paid for the ZEALER tuition. Interact on the Internet during the "honeymoon period". Before the release of the T1 hammer, Wang Ziru did not elaborate on the problem with this mobile phone. On August 1, Wang Ziru released an introductory video on the T1 hammer, in which Van Zira listed a hammer mobile phone with screws. Removable back cover has many drawbacks. "He is not considered the best mobile phone in the eastern hemisphere." The cable is easily broken by static electricity. The folding method of the sensor affects reliability. After the video went on the air, some netizens commented that Zealer "gets the money to do something" and "measures for black." On the 2nd, the official website of Zealer, "appearance assessment" in the "Structure of the appearance" of the T1 hammer assessment tool was rated as one star for 3,926 times in a row, which led to a downgrade of T1 rating and an escalation of the event. On the 12th, two men “about” Yuku, and on the 27th they staged a game of tears. Lao Luo, with his excellent eloquence, said that Wang Ziru was speechless, but none of them was the victor in this war. Lao Luo lost his feelings. Wang Ziru lost his goal and justice, only the iPhone became the winner, and he did it for free. Hourly advertising. However, in retrospect, in fact, both of them are also winners. The mobile phone of the hammer is also known to more people because of this incident, and Wang Ziru did not mix up afterwards.

Glass of water

In 2015, there were investments of companies, subscription rights and investments from a number of companies. The hammer stumbled and completed a C-round financing of 100 million yuan, and at the end of the year received a D-round of financing. 100 million yuan is just a drop in the ocean for mobile phone companies, but at least let the hammer continue to survive. This year, Hammer brought in only two products: first, in August, he released one thousand yuan of nuts, which were sold with a good price / performance ratio. At the same time, Luo Yonghao also announced that sales of the T1 hammer amounted to 255,626 units. The average price is 2600 yuan. Despite the fact that there is still a gap with the main producers in the millions and ten million units, it is still a good result for the novice hammer. Luo Yunhao also said that T2 will be at the end of the conference. Published at the end of the year. In October, the hammer brought a Wenqing mobile phone nut version and continued to consolidate the machine market of thousands of yuan.

Despite the constant “leaps”, the T2 hammer still appears in December, it still continues the high level of industrial design, but the lack of hardware configuration makes it untimely, its competitiveness lags far behind its rival. Moreover, the Zhongtianxin hammer technology foundry collapsed before release, which is worse, although a Hammer technology representative said that the production and sales plan for the new T2 would not be affected, and the T2 produced by Zhongtianxin had already been sent, but the Hammers were no longer allowed look for other foundries. Hammer Technology also continues to lose money, and the situation is not optimistic.

On the verge of bankruptcy

In 2016, the hammer almost went bankrupt. Product sales were not good, and new funding was not achieved. The hammer fell into a crisis. In the first half of 2016, Hammer Technology lost 192 million yuan, and the ratio of assets and liabilities reached 99%. During this period, Luo Yunhao and his hammer company almost fell to the extreme, even Many people think that it is difficult to rebound. Luo Yunhao was forced to rely on his “work” to support the company, “selling the body” of Mo Mo, in the application to open the column, but also borrowed 96 million and even almost pledged capital, and finally the hammer also saved the exit. Of course, in addition to finding money, Luo Yunhao also found someone and finally found Wu Dezhou as a line of technology products from Hammer, vice president of equipment research and development, responsible for the Hammer product line and all equipment research and development .

In October of this year, the hammer introduced the hammer M1 / ​​M1L. Although it appeared later, the M1 series keeps up with the flagship configuration, the design is not complicated, and the price is very reasonable. For the proud Smartisan OS, this product also achieved good sales, most of which belong to Wu Dezhou, the hammer also successfully passed a year and returned to the right path. Although this product was later called a hammer to “compromise” the market, but it was saved by a hammer, it is a good product. However, Hammer Technology is still in a state of great loss, and the situation is still grim.

Back to life

Last year, it was a year of resuscitation in 2017. On May 9th of the same year, Nut Pro was officially launched. Smartisan's excellent industrial design, economical and smooth OS made this product a “dark horse,” and part of it was also attributed to the JD strategy. Collaboration, this Nut Pro has become a frequent visitor to the JD sales list. It is clear that the final sales of this product are also 1 million units, the results are very good. Because of the superior performance of the professional nut, the hammer also received $ 1 billion in funding led by the government of Chengdu this year, which enabled it to breathe.

On November 7 of the same year, the hammer released the Pro2 nut, which also kept up with the “full screen” trend, while maintaining a very good value for money, and also received a good market response. At the same time, he also brings an air purifier for smooth breathing, which is laid out in other areas.

Cold winter

In 2018, the hammer brought thousands of nuts 3 yuan, a flagship nut R1 and a nut of middle class Pro2S. A relatively complete matrix of products was created, but many cannot come up with the idea that the hammer did not choose stabilization. At the hardest press conference with a hammer, in addition to the flagship nut R1, a workstation with a TNT nut, which Luo Yunhao described as a revolutionary new product, TNT became the most controversial product in the hammer history, and the hammer was again paradoxical. In a storm, due to the small number of bookings, in the end it was an abortion. Although TNT, in our opinion, appeared here in other situations, this product also took a lot of time, effort and money from the hammer, but could not succeed, and the hammer was still relatively large. Although Hammer received a lot of funding last year, there is still too much risk to go for a product that has not been tested on the market. I think the TNT workstation has its innovative products. Although it’s not as good as the old Luo said, it’s also great, its main problem is that it doesn’t meet the market conditions and needs at the time, and the second is the hammer. Mass, to challenge the entire PC industry, completely hit the stone.

Then we will return to the three products for mobile phones of this year: the $ 3 nut is designed to meet the needs of the market "full screen", but the Snapdragon 625 processor is too conservative. The flagship nut R1, I think this is a qualified flagship product, but it lacks a very bright spot. When it competes with other major manufacturers, it’s hard to be enemies. In addition, many manufacturers of this year often have “black technologies”, and the R1 nuts are hard to sell. To achieve breakthroughs. Walnut Pro2S as a middle-class product is very good in terms of hardware, appearance, camera, system, etc. But the mid-level market competition is also extremely tough, the price war has hit, the Pro2S nut is not worth anything cheap. Moreover, the collaboration between Hammer and JD. Seems to have a problem in 2018. After adjusting the structure of Jingdong, Yang Xiaobin replaced Hu Shenli as the head of the electronic entertainment business group. This person is especially important for profit, and the Hammer mobile phone released new products in 2018. Jingdong sales are not satisfactory, and Jingdong gradually pushes the hammer. According to the data obtained from big data of the Rising Sun, the number of mobile phones this year does not exceed one million, which can be called very pessimistic.

In November, despite the deep crisis caused by the crisis in the capital, Hummer held a “press conference for mobile phones” in Chengdu and released an intelligent floor-mounted intelligent floor-type intellectual humidifier, refreshing David and Shrey, an intelligent desktop humidifier. Smart Speaker D1, Horizon 8 Business Suitcase and Nut R1 Peacock Blue Special Edition and other new products. However, it is unfortunate that some products will not be shipped until next year due to performance problems, some of them should have been shipped this year, and it is very difficult to expect them to complete the main appeal of the hammer. In addition, although Lao Luo had previously said that making a mobile phone is only making friends, but a mobile phone does not have enough friends to start enough to attack other markets, but it is also a dangerous thing for a hammer.

This year, bullet information from Hammer was also launched in the second half of the year with new interactions and features. She attracted the attention and investment intentions of many companies and quickly received financing in the amount of 100 million yuan. The number of users gradually increased, but soon the sound also disappeared. I used this application for a while, the function is very good, and even has many functions that are not found in WeChat, the user experience is very good. But the problem is that even if you use a lot of bullets, others use WeChat. None of the friends can allow us to use it, and we can not move away from the circle of communication WeChat and its quick payment, so many people use it back. Although the "bullet" is still flying, I do not know how far I can fly.

On October 15 of this year, some people on the Internet announced that “Hammer Technology’s subsidiary in Chengdu is on the verge of dissolution” and is leaving. According to the "Financial" report, another soul Hammer Technology – COO Wu Dezhou also plans to leave. Although Hammer Technology made an official statement on October 16, denying the above rumors, stating that it was a “consolidation” of the behavior of three technical employees, but many mobile phone industry insiders said that the internal adjustment of the hammer and the situation in the business were again in a crisis. Technology also admitted in November that the company is in crisis, but hopes that everyone can give time. At the same time, spare parts suppliers also went to court, stating that after delivery of the goods, half of the payment was not paid. The amount reached 4-5 million yuan. In December, Hammer Technology found out that it could not pay the November salary on time, and then news came that many suppliers came to collect debts, subsidiaries and legal entities changed, and then Luo Yunhao's capital was frozen. , Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 4.5 million deposits have been frozen … It can be said that Hammer technology is a wave of unrest, this winter is especially difficult for them. Hammer Technology Manager Zhu Haizhou also responded to Weibo. In the user's response to the current situation with the hammer technology, according to his answer, the hammer may face a crisis, but it cannot be resolved. Exactly.

Was the defeat fixed?

It can be said that the unfavorable situation at the early stage of Hammer technology is caused by Mr. Luo’s excessive idealism: users who believe they are serious about creating products will pay for it, but the lack of a sales strategy and supply chain cannot keep the hammer in a dangerous situations. Wu Dezhou became responsible for the product and supply chain, and Hammer Technology also marked the beginning of a growing period. In 2018, the industry entered the cold winter period, and Hammer Technology had no particular problems with good sales and the reputation of two products last year, as well as with good financing. The success of the hammer is again in crisis. However, I do not think the hammer was settled. Although the mobile phone is not optimistic, some non-mobile products released at the end of the year are somewhat competitive. As long as they support this, they will find investments, and the mobile phone will be stable and stable. I hope for rejuvenation. It can be said that I do not want the hammer to fall, after all, it is a Chinese company that also shows us its strong industrial design capabilities, a good operating system and strength in the mobile phone industry.

Here I am also talking about financing at 1 billion. Many people might think that this is a lot of money. It is true that most ordinary people can not get such wealth for a lifetime, and it is a lot to hammer at that time. Деньги, хотя и нереально полагаться на них полностью из затруднительного положения, но, по крайней мере, имеют достаточный денежный поток для работы и обеспечения поставок существующих продуктов. Но для индустрии мобильных телефонов 1 миллиард – это небольшая сумма. Давайте посчитаем в этом году. В этом году в молотке 3 продукта, охватывающих все ценовые категории. Мы рассчитываем стоимость оборудования 1000 юаней за единицу и 1 миллиард молотков. Стоимость 10 000 единиц, а доля 1 миллиона единиц во всей отрасли составляет менее 1%, а операции компании, продажи продукции, технологические исследования и разработки должны тратить деньги, 1 миллиард действительно не так много.

Можно сказать, что этот год – зима индустрии мобильных телефонов. Рынок становится все более очевидным для головного бренда. Конкуренция жесткая. В случае, если общий спрос не изменился или даже не уменьшился, крупные производители имеют больше капитала для реализации маркетинговых и макетных продуктов. Чтобы захватить рынок, это также затрудняет работу с последующими производителями эшелонов, и это лучшая политика – заставить себя развивать самозащиту. Что касается молотка, поставки мобильных телефонов в этом году не очень хороши, нет поддержки со стороны крупных производителей, нет нового финансирования, все потери могут быть понесены только самим молотком. В беге на длинные дистанции в этой отрасли, для производителей в тылу, было бы неправильно не отставать от ведущей команды, но учитывать собственную физическую силу, бороться изо всех сил, но заставлять их физическую силу падать дальше. Даже вне игры более разумно искать возможности и прорывы после тяжелой зимы.

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