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Liu Ruoying at the end of the year Wuzhen Snow Night sings to relive "like water" –

Zhongxin Net Wuzhen December 31 (Reporter Gao Kai). Liu Ruoying, a limited edition Miss Me concert, took place at the Wuzhen Bolshoi Theater on the evening of December 30, as the only mainland of the Follow Me concert of the World Tour. The degree of rarity is obvious. On the same day, Wuzhen rarely made heavy snowfall, and the “miracle” of Miss Ying and Xuedu was arranged in advance for the evening concert.

On the concert stage, the mock-up of the scene takes a stone bridge with water with strong waters and a tea house, which is quite suitable for the little Syrian chatter, and Liu Roying appeared in black and white, appeared in the TV series “Water Years” 16 years ago. By causing the audience to shout out “Ying Ying! Miss Ying! In the same place and style of the song, which has not yet opened, Liu Ruoyin returned the fans and fans of the stage back to Wuzhen, who was seen at the beginning of the year, she said: “Today This is a private party for me, and these are all old friends. There is something that can be said, hidden in my heart, and when one day comes, you can look back, but this is just a story. ”

Liu Ruoying at the end of the year sings Wuzhen Snow Night

Liu Ruoying at the end of the year sings Wuzhen Snow Night

On stage, Liu Ruoying rarely sang a series of songs that were rarely performed in public, "Immortality", "Chance of Happiness", "She's Tender", "Gone Missing", "Peter Pan", "My Enemy"》 … Although the so-called "unpopular unpopular songs" that rarely flop, these songs are not new to the layer of milk tea, but they have been communicating with Liu Ruoin for a long time through various channels. The heart is good, and finally there is a live version of the live performance.

Liu Rooying said that there were a lot of songs that she never sang in the studio again and even forgot. “Someone is looking at the photos, someone is relying on the video, and I was lucky to have music. You have been with me for many years and often complain that you did not sing at the concert the first, the first, this time the forgotten memories came back. ” ".

That night a well-trained fan first completed the chorus of the public. He was the best harmony of the Miss In limited edition concert. The atmosphere was as hot as the most popular songs of “Chengdu” and “Later” levels. Liu Ruoying, who was worried about the cold on the spot, passed the microphone to the audience when he sang a lot of songs. He laughed and said: "This whole song is for you."

Liu Ruoying at the end of the year sings Wuzhen Snow Night

Liu Ruoying at the end of the year sings Wuzhen Snow Night

In many "unpopular songs" by Liu Ruoyin, if one of the songs was sung in the language of the song, it was nothing more than "Evening." “In fact, I rarely miss you, rarely remember, only in the evening. Let the thoughts of sunset think of you as courage. ”

On the stage, when the classic fragment of the Year of Water began to play on the big screen, the scene burst into applause with a high decibel: “Miss Ying” in the play and Liu Juain on the stage in a checkered shawl in the drama 16 years later I hope the whole scene is strong wuzhenskogo complex brought to a climax, and even fans with tears and singing.

In addition to Liu Zhuooy’s “The Later” fixed repertoire of the concert, Wushengchan specifically sang “Lighting the Orange Tree” especially for the stratosphere “Oranges” (nickname of Liu Ruoin fans) and a frame. Fans painted cartoons painted in a milky color on the screen, which made this song particularly sweet and warm in the wet winter night night city of Wuzhen, accompanied by a cup of freshly brewed hot milk tea specially prepared for fans in Wuzhen. Concert limited edition "Miss Ying" came to an end.

Liu Ruoying said: “Wuzhenmei is not just an environment, there is still a lot of emotion and warmth. My favorite is the people here. Everyone has a very smiling smile. This is the place I touched the most. ”

As a spokesperson for tourism at Wuzhen, Liu Ruoying and Wuzhen have been married for 16 years. For Liu Ruoying, Wuzhen is undoubtedly an old friend, but what surprised her was the new look of this old friend. “I first saw the Bolshoi Theater of Wuzhen last June. When I entered, I said: "I want to sing, I want to play." This is very similar to the place where I perform in Europe, and it looks like the Dolby Theater in Oscar. The location is very convenient, and the background equipment is also very good. ” In June 2017, re-visiting the old venue dedicated to the limited release of the Miss Ying concert this year set an omen, but also met all the expectations of this proposal. Fan friends finally dreamed until the end of 2018. (End)

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