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Li Xiang is defeated! Zhang Ting – luxury home exposure: room for shoes, with a sky garden – information without worries

Recently, Zhang Ting's pop show showed off his big mansion in the Xuhui area in Shanghai. First note: this mansion was commissioned a few years ago, saying that Lin Ruiyang gave Zhang Ting a birthday present, the market price at that time was $ 1.7 billion. Located on the 19th floor, it is adjacent to the Tencent Building and Mango TV.

This time a group of programs visited the door, and the photos were really scary. First, the exterior of the building is long.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the Huangpu River.

The lens is swept away, and the living room is removed. Finally, I know what the correct interpretation of the words “extraordinary and aggressive” looks like. Does it taste like RMB?

The program team also went to photograph the wardrobe of Zhang Ting, which is a very large shoe cabinet. Upon entering, the three main walls are all Zhang Ting's shoes. It is very likely that Zhang Ting used the room to hold all her shoes …

Employees are going to look at Zhang Ting’s kitchen. I just went from the living room to the kitchen and went a long way, Zhang Ting explained: "Many people will get lost when they first come to my house." Hey, this is what makes you rich and not afraid of death.

Then I finally got to the kitchen and looked as if it was normal, but! The size of the kitchen is also very scary, it is worth the size of the living room.

The biggest attraction is the sky garden of Zhang Ting. Zhang Tingjia lives on the top floor, so the entire garden on the top floor is their home. Look at the expression of the staff pushing the door to the heavenly garden: it is difficult for someone to close their mouth, and the picture is too shocking.

I do not know, I thought I entered a certain place in Thailand. Here you can drink afternoon tea, barbecue, mahjong and even take a walk. This is too big.

When the staff were stunned, Zhang Ting casually mentioned: “The last time Xu Wei came, he said it was great, I can come here to open the scriptwriter's meeting next time.” Good, good, know that both of you are good. Like the world.

Zhang Ting, who sits on the river, smiles, how cute.

The horror is that I walked the long wooden stairs, my mother, and there was a layer of activity zone. Feel the photographer shooting at the bottom, Zhang Ting and employees are gradually moving away from the back?

Rising, there was a territory that Zhang Ting used as a vegetable garden. Type of celery, corn radish and so on. Zhang Ting said that homemade radish is very sweet, and is immediately eaten by children after washing. As for fertilizers, it is said to be derived from the collective “result” of the whole family.

After finishing shooting the location, returning to the plot of the show, the audience was shocked. Everyone speaks, and some people say that Zhang Tingjia is like a palace. Zhang Ting lifted his chin and silently accepted it.

Another guest onstage said with excitement that he was a native of Shanghai. He knew how strong Zhang Ting's family was. He did not say anything about it. In any case, this expression is all in the air.

Then, opposite Zhang Ting, sits Huang Shengy. Hearing the general approval of Zhang Tingjia, Huang Shenyi smiled slightly.

Do you remember the picture of the house of Juan Shenyi? To say that the house looks like a palace, I still vote for Huang Shengy.

In the end, my son wants to go skiing and give him a ski resort. He wants to play in an amusement park and has really created a family of amusement parks. I want to think about it, only the king and queen …

Go back to Zhang Ting. Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang's wealth myths are too exaggerated. Not so long ago, it was still said that the pair now cost 32.8 billion yuan. This year, at the end of the year, the reward brought workers 10 months salary. Although I do not know what the monthly salary of their employees is, it is still a good envy for 10 months.

Today there was another news that the company Zhang Ting pays taxes in the amount of 2.1 billion yuan …

In short, Zhang Ting's family, but whoever touches the money, considers them "100 million yuan." Like friends, doing micro business is really good, and then better for micro business with friends.

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