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“Know whether to know” to broadcast to present the most authentic ancient map of life – Xianning Net

Original title: “Knowing whether it is known” or not, seeking to present the most authentic ancient map of life

According to the concern, the novels of the same name were adapted, Zeng Yi, screenwriter Wu Tong, director Zhang Kai Zhou, Hou Hunlian as director of the ancient social family themed drama “I know if this should be a green fat red skinny” on December 25 in satellite TV of Hunan “Golden eagle". The solo theater was officially opened. The show captivated the audience with its fascinating storyline, distinctive characters and exquisite scenery (for example, CMS National Network, Cool Cloud Live Broadcast, CSM52 City and other rating data), the first broadcast of the series, shown on this year's provincial television. The performance is especially dazzling.

Meticulous sketches of romantic figures, ingenuity in the production of raisins often

“No Knowledge” tells the story of the prostitute Shengfu Sheng Minglan in the cracks of a strong master, the greatness of her grandson, the fatal woman, Lin Xiaonian, and so on. D. Patience, from bullying to being a big man who influenced the family's prosperity. Through the experience of growth, emotional entanglement and the marriage life of Sheng Minlan, Gu Tingxi, Qi Hen and other figures, the drama explores traditional Chinese family relationships and the marriage and marriage of young men and women. This is the rare realistic drama of costume realism.

In the first two episodes that were broadcast, the drama is based on hiring Shenghualan. From a small butterfly you cannot do charity work, and people in Shengfu are tied up, and the plot characters will be told in several paragraphs. In particular, young master Changbai and Gu Tingyu play a pot of gambling and hire part of geese. The relationship between the layers of characters is tense, and the history of defeat and compression is also very exciting: on the surface is a happy scene of prostitutes in Shengfu. In the dark this banquet is a game of the inner game of the family.

In drama, old and new dramas play against drama, and the plot of flowing water makes the audience see the heart.

Continuing to make efforts, Hunan Satellite TV enhances brand value with high-quality drama

“Knowledge” has complex characters and turns, but it does not deliberately tear dog blood. Everything looks elegant and fresh, and there is no innovation. In contrast to the popular costumes of the current era, the drama is cut from the family point of view, to the height of the thriving family temples, to the daily dialogues of the characters "磕巴" and the details of the night scenes with candles, and the whole drama aims to present the Most authentic and natural picture of ancient life. This is what Hunan Satellite TV is pursuing for "quality work" and "type innovation." As the annual finale of the Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle solo theater, “Knowledge” uses reality and life to break the line between costume drama and real human feelings, and uses subtle insight to impress the inner soft audience by becoming late this year one of the TV screens. Big surprise

In 2018, the market for film and television drama experienced a decline. When David was looking for a way out of the transformation, satellite TV Hunan took the initiative to promote the brand’s value with the help of the dramas “My youth meets you”, “Old boy”, “Great future” and other dramas, and stabilized. General ratings, unique advantages, flexible layout, as well as strong marketing and advertising were widely recognized by the audience and the industry and steadily created their high reputation and quality.

If you have content, you will have confidence. “Knowledge” uses scenes of God's recovery, three-dimensional living characters and the overall superb quality of the drama to save the often recognizable dramas of IP adaptation, offset the explosions in this year’s costume drama market, and also allow Hunan TV in the field of television dramas. I won first place again and won “word of mouth” in the hearts of viewers.

It is reported that "Knowledge" was officially launched on December 25, 2018 on satellite television of Hunan Golden Eagle. In the last story, Lin Xiaonian hated the bright-eyed Minglan, and Gu Tingyu was stunned by the water because of the blow. What unexpected changes will two main characters face? The story of the drama, which is intertwined and interconnected, also caused a heated discussion among the audience.

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