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Khan Khan replaces Flying Chi and shoots a car show –

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li

Shooting on the plateau, racing on the rocks, personal demonstration of pole dance … Khan Khan for his third film "Flying Life" can be described as a solution. The film took place in Beijing the night before, and the behind-the-scenes production was released on the spot. Looking back at the difficult course of the shooting, Khan Khan could not help but sigh: “The corner is a rock, and you must prepare a rescue helicopter to be on standby.” At the premiere, the singer of the song Axin also unexpectedly appeared, and Khan Khan formed "Han Xin." The combination of "singing" Half Life ". The film will be officially released on February 5th.


Rescue helicopters are in standby mode on the edge of the cliff

“Flying Life” says that Zhang Chi (Shen Teng), a wireless racer who manages food kiosks, decided to return to the car and challenge young talented driver Lin Yidong (Huang Jingyu). However, he has no money, no car, no teammates, not even a driver’s license. Revision, waiting for him is a return that is constantly being beaten in the face …

The burning brake scene is a major attraction of Flying Life. Khan Khan hopes that scenes such as the World Rally Championship will appear in the film, so the film crew ran through the national landscape for several months and finally found the Devil's Trail in Xinjiang to see the rock. In shooting from a racing car, Khan Khan is extremely strict: "We can not allow the audience to choose professional problems." He is also confident in the final presentation: "This is the best, most comprehensive and professional film in the current rally in China."

The picture is stimulating, and the danger is very high. “Shooting these challenging car shots is dangerous. Everyone does not have a bottom, because after the car is out, you cannot guarantee what it will be, ”Khan Khan recalls when he rented a car. "The conditions are very good when shooting in Xinjiang." It's hard to make a movie every day, it takes 4 hours, and the return takes 4 hours. We also took a lot of security measures and rented a rescue helicopter. ” It is worth noting that the car received Khan Khan also served as a substitute, and many of the dangerous car games in the film were his own.


Working with Shen Ten, knowing each other's humor

At the casting of the film, many fans said that the role of "Zhang Ji" was simply meant for Shen Ten. Han Han is also full of praise for Shen Ten: “In addition to his innate comedic talent, he can also express the character’s very deep emotions. As long as he appears in the chamber, he can fully correspond to this state. ” Although this is the first Second cooperation, but Khan Khan said that he and Hiteng reached an agreement: “When we shot, we not only destroyed the sparks, but also intended to“ shoot ”. They understood each other's humor. ”

Shen Ten could not help but vomiting Khan Khan “plays well”: “The director really loves acting skills. His directorial style is that he loves to show off. His performance is especially strong, but his performance is a bit bad. We all remind him in varying degrees. I did not stop the demonstration, but I could not stop it. When I had the opportunity, he came up and played. “Although he spoke and did not show mercy, Shen Ten said that Khan Khan was“ subdued ”:“ He (Khan Khan) has a particularly good character. I will solve the problem in my own way. I have never seen a director who never gets angry like he, with the words “happy production,” everyone says, but this is difficult to achieve, director Han Han really did it. Regardless of the machine The hand, the writer or the director, he is competent in every person, a person with great wisdom. "

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