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Japan iPhone XR really reduces prices, prices drop to 30% |

Last week, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to lower the price of the iPhone XR to increase sales, subsidizing Japanese mobile phone operators. Now this price cut plan is finally out.

According to Nikkei News, the Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo announced that it offers a discount of up to 30% for users who buy the 64-gram version of the iPhone XR contract machine for two years. The official price is 84,800 yen (about 5226 yuan). For iPhone XR only 25,920 yen (about 1,585 yuan) is required in the new program.

Apple has taken such a large subsidy for new cars that have just been sold within a month, which is not common in the past. According to BCN, a Japanese research firm, iPhone XR sales in Japan are not as good as those of the iPhone 8, and a large Japanese dealer also said that iPhone XR sales are lower in the last three months than iPhone X for the same period last year. thirty%

Many Japanese consumers believe that the decline in the price of the display and the camera on the XR is small, and after the introduction of a plan to reduce the price of the operator, it should be improved.

As in the United States, smartphones in Japan are usually associated with plans for operator traffic. In the past, the iPhone also won a 46.7% share of the Japanese market through a large automatic contract machine for telecom operators, which makes it the most popular smartphone in Japan.

▲ Apple Store in Shibuya, Tokyo. Image from: Wall Street Journal

In fact, before announcing this price cut plan, the price of the iPhone XR in the two-year contract package of the NTT Docomo operator requires only 36,000 yen (about 2,200 yuan). This price reduction can be said to make the iPhone XR Japan the most price / performance ratio phone.

It is unclear whether the other two largest mobile operators in Japan, KDDI and Softbank, will also cut prices, but the sharp cut in prices of NTT Docomo has already caused controversy. Yesterday, a meeting of scientists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan took place, stating that such excessive discounts undermine market competition and require that telecommunications providers completely separate the cost of calls in the preferential scheme from the cost of purchases.

However, there is a multipoint distribution of interests behind this. Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers and Japanese operators are not necessarily willing to compromise. For consumers, such a discount, of course, is a favorite.

Japan has always been the cheapest country to buy an iPhone outside the US, and the lockout version is simply “the price of cabbage”. Many consumers are planning to return to China with a Japanese iPhone XR.

▲ Locked version of the iPhone X e-commerce platform.

However, it should be noted that this price reduction is a contract machine provided by the operator, which is also known as the “Japanese Lock Version”. For the Japanese version of the contract machine iPhone XR, since it enjoys a concession for operator subsidies, it can only use the operator service and cannot be used in China. Even if it is unlocked with stickers, there are still many risks and it is impossible to use the country. National warranty service.

Here, Fan Faner advises everyone that in order to use it with peace of mind, you can still choose a reliable source of purchase channels and a suitable mobile version for you.

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