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Hunan knocked out a black car to control a gang of evil forces, decided 7 cases and arrested 17 people – Xinhua Chit – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-22 17:36:59 Source: Xinhuanet

Hunan knocked out a black car to drive a gang of evil forces, decided 7 cases and arrested 17 people.

Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, November 22 (Reporter Yang Jian) ​​illegally engaged in transportation operations, monopolizing the market through hitting people and driving cars, threatening to pay a “guarantee” … Recently, police in Lilingen City, Hunan Province, successfully stopped transporting a black car. A total of 17 gang members were captured by the criminal gang.

Since February of this year, the police in Lilyn City have received many alarms from the masses. They were beaten in the Nanxian district of Liling city when they were driving or carrying passengers. They were even threatened with paying a “guarantee.” Several incidents of this nature and bad sites caught the attention of the police. The police deployed excellent police force to create a task force.

After investigation, it is a white gang with a white car, headed by Hwan Mujian called “Small cars”. The gang is illegally engaged in transporting roads from Fuling to Shantou and Puning to the road without receiving a road operation and a permit to operate. At the same time, in order to achieve the goal of monopolizing the transport market of Nanxiang District in Liling City, the gang violated public order through a number of illegal means, such as beating others, stealing license plates and destroying vehicles, which had adverse effects.

After the task force issued an order to receive the network, the public security authorities sequentially broke down seven cases of illegal business operations and troubles. In Fuling, Guangzhou, Shantou, Changsha and other places, 17 gang members were arrested one by one. At present, the case has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office, and the case is at the stage of further investigation.

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